Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for 2012

I'm not one to make the standard resolutions at the new year because I feel that you shouldn't wait to make changes to your life. That being said, I do feel that the new year is a great way to mark time for new creative goals. Since I have this space to document my output, I will share the things I want to work on this year.

Just to warn you in advance, my list may not be worked on much until summer. This upcoming semester is going to be packed with studio classes and if last spring is any indication, I will be living and breathing school and work. Unlike last spring, I will be posting about what I'm doing in school and trying to make time to work on personal projects. I have one less studio this year than last, so that could make a difference. So as far as school goes, you have projects from my painting, sculpture, and photography classes to look forward to.

Onto my list...

1. First and foremost, I will be cutting back on my fabric buying. It's not like I have a huge stash or anything, but I do have more than I can store in my available space. Chad even said something about it yesterday when two packages bearing fabric arrived. (Good thing he doesn't know there is one more to come, lol.) So this year will be about using what I have on hand and buying only what is needed to complete a project, or fabrics to dye and print (more on that below). I am making myself stick to a strict budget this year and will limiting what I can spend each month on fabric too. For the new few months I don't see this being too much of an issue. I did peek at the upcoming lines online and don't see too many that I'm excited about. I like maybe one or two prints, if that, so I won't be tempted. The fabrics I bought are the ones that are out that I know I would succumb to soon anyway. Once the last package arrives, I'll share what I picked up.

2. Experiment with dyeing and printing. I have been slowly gathering materials to do this and am excited to start. My next purchase is going to be a couple books since my local library doesn't have much on dyeing fabric.

New stash additions
(The linen, not the scissors print, is set to be dyed.)

3. I'm feeling myself making the shift towards art quilting over traditional quilting. I do want to finish up the quilts I have started or have materials for, but other than that, I don't see myself starting any other large quilt. I do eventually want to make a Farmer's Wife one and several others, but since they would just be for us at home, there isn't any rush. I didn't grow up in a family that quilted and haven't had the urge to make one for other people. I have a ton of respect for those of you who do make quilts for your family and to donate, but that isn't me. If I want to give something to someone who has had a baby or is ill, I usually think food first. So that means I won't join in on any quilt-a-longs to make a large one, but if I do like the design, I will allow myself to make a mini quilt. Because those I still love and think it will fulfill my desire to make something traditional. This year will be about taking those sketches and designs I have been dreaming up in 2011 and translating them to cloth.

4. Continue to learn new knitting techniques. In 2011 I conquered my fear of cables and can't wait to try another advanced technique.

Finished Commission

5. I want to play with transfering photographs to fabrics and taking that to my sewing machine. This is one I have bookmarked to work on in photography this semester.

6. I want to make more clothing this year. I have patterns and material for a few things. I just need to stop putting off sewing them up this year.

7. Start sketching daily. No excuses.

8. Start selling either patterns or things I have made. My initial goal was to get this started in January, but I may hold off until spring.

9. Start weaving. I bought the Martha Stewart loom to get my feet wet and also have my eye on a ridgid heedle loom. I just need to save for it and it will be mine.

Birthday Present

10. Depending on time and money, I also want to learn leather tooling, spinning, paper cutting, enameling, and felting this year. Paper cutting and felting are more of a sure bet since I do already have materials to do them.

Of course there's the finish up everything I started in 2011 (or earlier), but that goes without saying I think. I did stumble upon the Finish-a-long over at Quilter in the Gap and will be throwing my hat into the mix. My post for that will come tomorrow.

In addition to all of that, I want to take some time to clean up my blog and create better organization here. I think an updated header is in order as well.

I'm hoping my list is flexible enough for myself that I can add in extra projects and hopefully put a strike through all of the above items. This year is already feeling like a great year for both personal and creative growth.

How about you? Any goals for this year?

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Pam said...

Some interesting goals, Katie. I really look forward to hearing about transferring photos to fabric. That's one course I'd like to be enrolled in.