Saturday, June 30, 2012

FAL Quarter 2 Recap

Halfway through the year and I am still lingering on these projects. I still love the idea behind Rhonda's Finish-a-long but just can't seem to want to work on my list. Here's my recap of the second quarter and next week I will share my list of projects to ignore work on in the next three months.


I did manage one of five! I finally finished my Sparkle mini after letting it languish instead of fixing a mistake. You can read more about it here.

Finished Sparkle

Still in Progress:

You could say that I pretty much ignored these, but that wouldn't be 100% accurate.

I did knit a little on my garter stitch scarf and had a goal of finishing it before Camp Loopy started. I still have quite a bit of yarn to go and many stitches to make before I'm finished.

First scarf I started

My sewing machine cover has been hiding in a project bag for way too long. I haven't touched it since I last took this photo.

Hexie progress

Same with the late wedding gift. It would be awesome to finish these soon so I can call them a 1st anniversary gift. (Don't worry, I did give them a wedding gift at the time of their marriage. This is just a bonus to that.)

Twins Towel Progress

My Drunkard's Path quilt has moved from one spot to another in my sewing room without getting any attention. I am dreading the trimming I still have to do but really need to suck it up because once I get that done, the blocks will go together quickly.

DPQAL Blocks-to-be

For me, just 20% this quarter which is how well I did in the first quarter. Better than nothing and I did manage to complete many other projects and a heavy studio class semester.

Tomorrow I will be back with my goals for July and then later in the week I will be sharing my goals for quarter 3 as well as (finally) getting around to sharing my work from my summer drawing class.

Hope your weekend is going well!

Hand Quilting Challenge Wrap Up

June sure flew by for me, did it for you as well? It's time to wrap up my month of hosting the Quilt Challenge of the Month started by Candi at Raccoon Creek Quilts.

After waffling through the month on the mini I was making to quilt, I then started the quilting the past week. I was using size 8 perle thread, which I do like the look of. The problem for me is using a straight needle. See?

Hand Quilting Fail

The stitches are uneven and spaced further apart than I would have liked. I thought I had some curved needles but wasn't able to find them and had no time to make it to Joann's to buy a pack. So, I am considering this a fail for now. I will be looking some more for the needles at home tomorrow and if I cannot find them will be making it a point to go to Joann's either before work or during my dinner break.

How did you do? Please link up and share your experience with this challenge! I will leave this open for a couple weeks to give you time to join the linky.

Thank you, Candi, for letting me host in June!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Whew. I'm trying to settle into sort of a routine so that I can remain productive once my work schedule changes. I am just shy of my position change being official and will have less time at home to work on things. For right now, I'm working on getting all of my household tasks done during the week so I have the weekend to work on projects. Last Sunday was nice when I spent the entire day working on sewing related things, so that is probably going to be a regular thing.

This week I am linking up with Freshly Pieced.


Secret Project - I can't show you what I made until voting is over, but I can tell you it was for the Little Quilt Swap on Flickr. If you have not heard of this one, you make a mini quilt of your choosing and then submit a photo to the group leader to be posted in anonymously. Then everyone who submitted a mini votes and they are awarded based on a points system. We then are given the address to send the mini to and you are suprised when you get yours in the mail. I will probably share mine when I receive my mystery mini.

Fern Lace Scarf - I just love this scarf and you can read more about it on the linked post.

Fern Scarf

Handprinted Fabrics for Swap - still have only received one of the four I am expecting. I mailed mine on Monday so I don't think anyone has got mine yet either.

Hand printed

Progress Made:

Hand Quilting Challenge - I have this in my quilting frame and will be working on it tonight after work (instead of knitting).

Ready to Hand Quilt

Cachou Cowl - I frogged this yesterday after realizing a fix I tried to make wasn't working. I was a little over halfway done with it, so this did hurt to pull out, but I wasn't going to be happy with it if I didn't. There was no way I was going to tink back to figure it out because it is all lace. I will be starting this again, hopefully between project 2 and 3 of Camp Loopy.

Camp Loopy Project 2 - I am knitting the Line Break shawl and am almost finished with the first section before short rows are started. I want to finish this section and put a lifeline in before I continue. Short rows are new to me so I will probably set this aside until tomorrow.

Line Break Shawl

No Progress:

Garden Tote

Garter Stitch scarf

Hand Pieced QAL

Sewing Machine Cover

Quilt Challenge of the Month: February/Cathedral Windows Apron

(Late) Wedding Present

Dessert of the Month: Jan-June

Drunkard's Path QAL

Zig Zag QAL

Kaleidoscope QAL

Embroidered Ornaments

Zakka Style projects

Curves Class projects

Ranrike Shawl

Dogwood Blossom Medallion Quilt

Reverse Applique Shirt

2-in-1 Sewing Challenge

Moderista Swap


Piper's Journey Shawl - since I frogged my cowl I freed up the needles needed for this one. It will be an easy knit at first and one that I know I can set down for days at a time and no worry about getting lost in the pattern.

Piper's Journey Shawl

RATZ Swap: July (Needlebooks) - waiting on partner assignment

More Handstitched Class projects - I do want to do projects from the last lesson but also want to finish up the projects from class on my list already.

I think that is it for now. I have been trying to get better at finishing what I start versus starting new projects all the time.

See you soon!

Mailbox Love: Swaps and a Giveaway Win

I have been meaning to post about the RATZ Swap from May for weeks. I figure with July's swap starting soon, I should either post about it or just forget about it. I did sit out for June since I do not have a use for more magnets at this time. (If you saw our fridge, you would understand.)

May's swap was for a key fob. I had shared in a WIP Wednesday post in May what I made from the leftovers from my partner's fob. Our fobs were similar as far as fabric goes. I changed up the loop for each. It turns out that it was a direct swap between the two of us, as I had Chickenfoot and she had me.

Swap keychain

Back of swap keychain

She loves Liberty fabric so I used some scraps I had on hand to make her fob. She also loves British paraphernalia (as do I) so I did include a fat quarter of fabric to go with it. The loop on her fob is also London themed.

Swap package

And this is what she made for me. I was lucky enough to get two fobs in the swap and love them both.

Received from RATZ Swap

The swap for July is for needlebooks. There is still time to sign up if you are interested. The items are fun and small and you have the entire month to make it.

I also won a giveaway on the fabulous Sana's blog. The giveaway was for some chocolate called Knusperflocken that is an East Germany specialty. I didn't think to save the packaging to take a photo because it disappeared pretty quickly. I did let Chad try it, but he wasn't a fan. We have a pretty large German ancestry population here so I will be keeping my eyes open for it to have again.

Sana also sent a long a key fob made with some Berlin skyline fabric. I love travel and architecture so this is another great addition to my small handmade key fob collection.

From Sana

From Sana

And finally, I took part in another swap online. This time it was a handprinted fabric swap organized by Leslie Keating of Maze & Vale. I have done printmaking before but not on fabrics. It is something I want to explore so this swap is a great opportunity to jump in.

Hand printed

We were split up into groups of five and were to make a fat quarter for each of our partners. The only direction we were given from each person was preferred colors (ink and/or fabric base). I printed mine on the PDF Essex linen that I have on hand and went for colors requested by each.

Hand printed

The materials I used for printing were a piece of corrugated cardboard and a toilet paper tube. I thought about carving a stamp or making a stencil, but in the end, I wanted to try out printing with found objects.

Hand printed

Hand printed

I am pretty pleased with the results and just know that it will only get better as I keep doing it.

Hand printed

Hand printed

I have received one fat quarter so far and will hold off on sharing those until I get all of them. One member of my group lives in Australia and the rest in the United States, so I am going to be patient as they come my way.

I'm going to try to get my WIP Wednesday post up before going in to work tomorrow. So, I will be back with that tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fern Scarf Finished

After taking almost all day to dry, I was finally able to take photos of my finished scarf for the first project in Camp Loopy! I just love it and even though it was so warm and humid today, I did wear it all day. (I'm blaming my messy hair on the humidity.)

Fern Scarf

I won't go into great detail about it because I did have issues with the knitting. Nothing with the pattern or anything, but this was my first time with lace. I have now learned how to pick up dropped stitches in lace. Even though it was a challenge at times, I'm glad I pushed through and will be knitting up more lace patterns in the future.

Fern Scarf

The finished length is about 76". The pattern was written with 60 cast on stitches and to gain length, I cut it to 50 stitches and am pleased with how long it is. The width works as well because it is not meant for warmth at all.

Fern Scarf

More details can be found on my Ravelry project page (if you have an account there).

I also want to recommend The Loopy Ewe as a yarn shop. If you knit or crochet (or even spin) do check them out. They have excellent customer service, great yarns in stock, and bonuses for ordering from them. I already have a $25 credit after finding them in May and am one order away from becoming a Groupy. I still support my local yarn shop but find that the prices are better at The Loopy Ewe and they have a better selection.

Before posting this I finished winding the three skeins for my second project. So I am tired and it is late, so I will be back tomorrow with another update!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Past Few Days

I promised an update on the Hand Quilting Challenge this weekend. I spent most of the day today in my sewing room working on a few projects. One of them is a secret (yes, I hate when other people say that, but it is what it is) so I will share that soon. Then I finally had decided on the backing for this challenge quilt so I sewed that up and then thread basted it (photos below). I also hand printed some fat quaters for a swap I am in. The mailing deadline is tomorrow and I was trying to decide how to print them. They are still drying so I will share photos of them later this week.

Ready to Hand Quilt

So here is my quilt all ready for hand quilting. I will not be starting on it tonight but will be working on it this week. If you are participating along with me, how is yours going?

Hand Basting


My day spent sewing was a result of finally (!!) finishing my scarf for Camp Loopy. I cast off on Saturday and then washed it today so I could lightly block it. It is still drying as well, so I will be taking photos tomorrow to share with you and also to submit to The Loopy Ewe. I love it so much and will be wearing it often.

The cast on date for the second project is Wednesday, so that gives me some time to work on other projects before throwing myself into that one. This project has to be at least 800 yards and despite knitting my 400+ yard scarf in a little over a week, I am not sure I can manage this one if I have to frog it or another problem happens.

I do have yarn for a couple other projects that I will be starting in July. The first is a mystery knit-a-long designed by Stephen West. I will be using Swans Island for that one. The second is a shawl knit out of Quince and Co. Chickadee. The Chickadee is so soft that this one is going to be hard to put down once I start.

New Yarn

New Yarn

Other than that, I have a little progress on the work front but don't want to talk to much about it until it's official. All good things.

I think I have found my mojo again so I should be posting more often. I think it has to do with us cancelling our satellite service so the tv is off most of the time. I've been listening to some podcasts, which are new to me, so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them.

I hope your weekend treated you well. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I guess I am getting into the habit of posting late at night, once I am home from work. My schedule has turned a little odd, but I'm still waiting to hear about the possibility of moving to full time, instead of working near full time hours but not having the benefits of it.

This past week has been pretty much about knitting. I just can't seem to put it down and am finding it very relaxing, even if I am frustrated with the project. I do have other things I want to get to this month (FAL list, I am looking at you!) but am so close to finishing a scarf that it's all I want to do.

Let's get on with this week's progress.


Nothing this week.

Progress Made:

Camp Loopy Project 1 - last week I shared a photo of this scarf before I frogged it again. It's hard for me to believe that it's only been a week and I am nearly finished with it now. My ball of yarn is about the size of a pool ball and rapidly shrinking. My goal is to finish by tomorrow night so I can lightly block it on Friday.

Fern Lace Scarf WIP

Cachou Cowl - I managed a little work on this while on my dinner break the other night. Nothing too noticeable though.

Hand Quilting Challenge - I shared my top yesterday and will give an update on this over the weekend. Just 10 more days until the linky party!

No Progress:

Garden Tote

Garter Stitch scarf

Hand Pieced QAL

Sewing Machine Cover

Quilt Challenge of the Month: February/Cathedral Windows Apron

(Late) Wedding Present

Dessert of the Month: Jan-June

Drunkard's Path QAL

Zig Zag QAL

Kaleidoscope QAL

Embroidered Ornaments

Zakka Style projects

Curves Class projects

Ranrike Shawl

Dogwood Blossom Medallion Quilt

Reverse Applique Shirt

2-in-1 Sewing Challenge

Moderista Swap


Camp Loopy Project 2 - cast on for this isn't until June 27th and I'm not letting myself wind the yarn until I am done with project 1. Here is what I will be knitting with. I'm also going to be trying a new type of needle for this project.

Yarn for a shawl

See you again soon!

Chicken with Lemon Roasted Potatoes and Tomatoes

Up until about a month ago I didn't eat meat. I stopped when I was 15 for a variety of reasons and was fine until I started having cravings last fall. I didn't crave it even while cooking in a restaurant for years or when living with former boyfriends who ate it at every meal. I tried to ignore it because I was always told I would get sick eating it again.

I gave in and didn't get sick. Instead, I actually have felt better with more energy since introducing meat back into my diet. So I've been experimenting with recipes that I have had in my head all this time and also with meals I used to cook for others (but not eat myself).

This recipe is pretty loose. I think I've mentioned before that I cook more by instinct than following an exact set of steps set by others. This is why I could never be a food blogger. For what it's worth, Chad asked that I make this again and he is a pretty picky eater (and has told me he hates lemon, one of the feature flavors).

Chicken with Lemon Potatoes

Baked Chicken with Lemon Roasted Potatoes and Tomatoes

Chicken breasts (one per person, I used boneless and skinless breasts)
New potatoes (I bought a small bag, which I believe was 4 oz. There were leftovers from this.)
Pint of grape tomatoes
Garlic cloves, chopped to taste (I like my roughly chopped and a lot of garlic)
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
1/4 balsamic vinegar (or to taste)
1/2 olive oil
A couple tablespoons of Italian seasoning or similar dried herbs
Salt and pepper to taste

The potatoes and tomatoes are roasted in a lemon balsamic vinaigrette. To make this, combine the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, juice and zest of lemon, garlic, seasoning, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. Wash potatoes and tomatoes and place in a baking dish. Pour the vinaigrette over them and toss to coat. Bake in oven with the chicken at 375 until the chicken is done and the potatoes are fork tender. It took about an hour in my oven but my chicken was cooked from frozen.

You could also grill the chicken, which I would have done if we had a grill.

To serve, drizzle the broken down tomatoes and vinaigrette from the baking dish over the chicken.

I'm linking this recipe up at Debbie's Tuesday at the Table.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hand Quilting Challenge Progress

...or lack there of. Seriously, I am waffling so much on my mini that I have yet to start the quilting. I think I'm having a hard time make a decision on it because of all the other decisions Chad and I are making about our future. All good things, but it is kind of draining. We are making a push to make our dream a reality which is very exciting, even if it is a few years off from happening.

Log Cabin WIP

I have my top done but it's the back now that I'm not sure of. I have a couple ideas but am going to make myself decide tonight when I get home from work so that I can use the last ten days of June to quilt it.

How are you doing on the challenge?

Friday, June 15, 2012


Chad took my camera when he left for most of the weekend. I didn't get to take photos prior to this, so my intended post for today will have to wait until he returns. Hopefully Saturday afternoon so I still have some light to work with.

Until then, I hope your Friday is treating you well!

TTT: Big Decisions to Make

I had some hard realizations this week. Despite having a great paying part time job, I am not going to be able to afford to pay for my last year of college. (I have maxed out my loans and because of my income, the grants offered are not that great.) I don't want to quit, but really have no choice right now. I probably won't return either because I already feel so old when I am surrounded by other students.

It sucks, but now I have to look forward. I have learned a lot from school and do not regret going at all.

So what does that mean for this space? I am not sure right now. I have to talk to my boss tomorrow about going full time. This would be ideal, otherwise I have to get a second job. Going that route would solve the money issue but would put a strain on everything else in my life. I hate already that Chad and I only spend time together on the weekends because of our schedule.

This wasn't exactly what I was going to post about tonight. I was going to pose some questions to you all about a few things. So I will do that as well, and hope that you feel free to answer.

1. I am thinking of doing a little destash of things I have had for some time, but not used. This would include some fabric, yarn, books, patterns, and maybe more. I hate to see things sit and that really would be why I would be getting rid of them. If I did this, would you be interested in getting first dibs? Otherwise, I would probably put it all up on Etsy.

2. Speaking of Etsy, I keep coming back to selling original work. The big thing coming to mind right now is to turn my photographs into postcards. I haven't shown a lot of my photos because it involves a lot of scanning, but I would do that to sell them (obviously). Do you buy postcards? Maybe blank greeting cards?

3. How about original art? I obviously love creating and do want to support myself eventually. One way to do this is to create work to sell. Do you look to buy artwork?

4. Do you use hand dyed and/or printed fabrics? I also want to get into doing this for myself, but if there is interest, would consider selling them as well.

Now if you say you are interested in any of these things does not obligate you to purchase them, nor will I bother you to do so because of your response. I'm just trying to gauge interest in these things right now.

Ok, I think I have taken enough time rambling on. I do keep forgetting to plug the "I Will Wear It in Public" Challenge voting, so if you made it through this, please go over and check out all of the entires. You don't have to vote for me, but it would be great if you did!

Pick your top 3 entries!

See you tomorrow with my mid-month update on the hand quilting challenge.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Wow, is it difficult to get back into blogging after taking a break. I am not suffering from lack of anything to say, just short on time. My job has been taking up more time and I've been making up for my busy schedule earlier in the year by spending more time with my dogs.

Oh and then there was this nice surprise on Monday.

Wind Damage

The wind is horrendous most days here, at times hitting hurricane force, which is something you just get used to living here. Monday was another very windy day and this tree in our backyard had enough. Under and behind the branches and leaves is our garage. This large branch (really, a third of the massive tree) crashed onto one corner and ended up taking up half of this fenced in area. Unfortunately, we do have to take the rest of the tree down because the remaining two large sections are weakened by the loss of this one.

One thing I have been doing is editing down my list of projects I am working on and want to do. So here is my WIP list now.


Needlebook project from Handstitched Class - I did this entirely by hand and love the way it turned out.


Inside of Needlebook

Progress Made:

Camp Loopy Project 1 - this scarf is frustrating. I have frogged it and started over three times and am hopefully not going to have to do it again. The third time was because I decided to use larger needles, so I only have myself to blame for that. This photo of it is before I frogged it the last time and because it is on larger needles it does look different. This gives you an idea of the scarf though.

Scarf in Progress

Cachou Cowl - I did knit a couple rounds on this one.

No Progress:

Garden Tote

Garter Stitch Scarf

Hand Pieced QAL

Sewing Machine Cover

Quilt Challenge of the Month: February (Cathedral Windows)/Cathedral Windows Apron - I will be making this one up. The fabric is pulled and waiting.

(Late) Wedding Present

Nesting Place Needlebook

Dessert of the Month: Jan-June

Drunkard's Path QAL

Zig Zag QAL

Kaleidoscope QAL

Embroidered Ornaments

Zakka Style Projects

Curves Class projects


2012 Color Challenge - I love the idea of this but since I have yet to participate, aside from starting one month's palette project, I will be sitting out completely the rest of the year. Maybe if they continue this next year.

Typography Challenge - I missed this challenge but still plan on making the mini I was going to sew up. I will just not be putting it under this header and it will not appear until I do start it.

Project Quilting Challenges - the ones I missed will be dropping off as well. I do have a mostly completed mini top that I will finish, but again, this will just become a mini I made. I am patiently waiting for the next season to start though.

Tangerine Tango Challenge - ditto on the challenge being missed but a started mini top will be finished. Just not as this label.

1912 Project - I do have the materials for the first (and only) pattern I received. I will sew it up still but I just don't have the time for this like I thought.


Hand Quilting Challenge - I am hosting this month. My top isn't quite done and ready to quilt but will be for Friday's update.

Ranrike Shawl - I couldn't resist casting on for this one. I now have four knit projects going (oops). This one is going to stretch my skills though, which is a good thing.

Shawl in Progress

Dogwood Blossom Medallion Quilt - for Handstitched Class. I have my fabrics picked out.

Reverse Applique Shirt - one of my favorite t-shirts got a hole in it and will be utilized for this project from class.

2-in-1 Sewing Challenge - I already know what I'm making so this came along at the right time. More on this later but if you want to sign up too, head on over to Rikka's blog. The deadline for entries is July 31st!

Modernista Swap on Flickr - I have my partner and have been forming my ideas for what I will make for her.

Ok, so I'm trying to get back to posting regularly here. I should be back tomorrow for Thursday Think Tank, on Friday I am planning on sharing my RATZ Swap items and also do a mid-month update on the hand quilting challenge, and this weekend, I will share the pieces from my drawing class that I haven't shared yet. The last two posts do depend on the rain we are supposed to get the rest of the week to not come, so fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life is Crazy

Tomorrow is the last day of my summer drawing class. I've been working on my final projects for it as well as taking care of some other demanding things. Two things that still need doing are a good clean/organization of my sewing room (I think it was hit by a tornado this past week) and some more editing down of projects.

I may be able to post over the weekend if I get my to do list done. Until then, he's a peek at one of my final projects. I will share all five of these illustrations along with their inspiration image later.

Final Project for Drawing

I hope everything is going well in your part of the world!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

To Do First (On the Second)

I meant to do this post yesterday, but the day completely went away on me. Today pretty much has as well, but I have been getting some things done, so all is not lost.

I had one finish off of my list from May. Just my lonely Sparkle mini. The funny thing about this mini is what Chad has now done with it. After I finished it, I put it on our kitchen table to act as a table topper. I went to work and when I came home I found he had flipped it over. He really doesn't like the top at all! And actually asked me why I would put the backing fabric on the back. That's the side he likes so I'm thinking I may have to make another one for the table featuring that fabric.

Finished Sparkle

For June, I'm switching up some of the things on my list. I've been carrying over everything month to month, but have some new projects that I know will take priority. So let's get on with it.

Must Do:

1. Campy Loopy Project 1 - my poor scarf that I decided to frog last night and start over. I didn't like how wide it was and was afraid I would run short of yarn before it got to a length I would be happy with. So 100 knit rows came off and I'm starting anew today. This project must be finished by June 27th.

2. Hand Quilting Challenge - I'm hosting this so I must follow through. :)

3. Handstitched Class - this starts on Monday and I love the three projects that are being presented in the first week.

4. Garden Tote - this should be a quick one once I dive back in.

5. Embroidery projects for the online classes I am taking - I've fallen a bit behind and want to catch up with them.

6. Drunkard's Path quilt - this one just needs to get finished.

Might Do:

1. Nesting Place needlebook - good thing that the instruction for the class is still available since it finished awhile back. Oops.

2. Hand Pieced QAL - I have a number of other handwork projects going on, so this one isn't really at the top of the list right now, unfortunately.

3. Dessert of the Month Club - another quick one to catch up on, but I just need to sit down and do it.

4. Garter stitch scarf - if I happen to finish my Camp Loopy project early, I'm going to tackle this one. I really need the needles free in case I need them for another project.

I think that will do for this month. I have decided to try not to overload myself so much. What are you planning on working on this month?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Quilt Challenge of the Month: Hand Quilting

Welcome to our challenge for this month of June! If you are hopping over from Candi's blog, thank you for visiting. My name is Katie and in addition to sewing/quilting, I am studying art and textiles at a local university (just one year left!) and I also love to knit, crochet, and embroider, among a few other things. Basically, I love to work with all sorts of fibers and am transitioning the skills I have been learning into my artwork.

The challenge that I chose is hand quilting. I have been wanting to try this for some time and figure that this summer is the perfect time to give it a go. There are a couple tutorials that I will be following once I get to the quilting portion of this challenge:

Anna Maria Horner
Threads Magazine

I'm sure there are many others out there, and if you know of a good one, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

But, before I start hand quilting, I first need a completed top. I decided with Independence Day coming up soon that I would use this fat quarter stack of fabric to make a patriotic quilt. I'm not sure yet how big it will be (I'm waffling between 25" square to using up all the fabric to make a throw size quilt), but do know I will be doing a simple log cabin design.

Fabric Stack

The materials that I have set aside for the challenge besides fabric are:

  • quilting frame (mine is by Dritz)

  • assorted perle cotton thread (mine is DMC in size 8, but I may buy some size 5)

  • hand quilting needles

  • a thimble
My goal for this challenge is to get this top done by next Friday so I can then start with the quilting. If you have a completed quilt top already, feel free to jump right in. I will be updating my progress in a week, as well as mid-month and then at the end of the month. On June 30th there will be a linky party (if I can figure it out that is).

I hope you decide to join in with me this month! Remember, your project can be small, like a pot holder, or a large quilt. These challenges are about stretching your skills and having fun.