Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stashing and Other Goings On

To end 2011 I decided to treat myself to a bunch of fabric. Some it was on sale, some of it not. The final package from that spending spree came today, so I thought I would share them with you. I do have one more fabric package coming, but it's for a Christmas project. (Yes that I do intend to start on soon.) That last one is a couple yards of clearance fabrics and then I do have a package of embroidery transfers on the way. I swear, that is the last one.


I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with typewriters. I love this colorway the most, so I bought 2 yards. Some of it will probably become a laptop sleeve for my computer. If I didn't have a hard case for my typewriter, I would probably also make it a nice cover.


Mmm Heather Ross, Alexander Henry, and a lovely Japanese border print that I wish I would have bought more of.


These were bought with a project for Chad in mind. Our house is mostly decorated in a Western/cowboy theme. Chad has been bugging me to replace my Mini X's quilt with something that fits the living room. (He loves the quilt, just not the colors.) I've been slowly stashing other cowboy prints too.


This isn't just any white, it's the white on white print from Annie's Farm Stand. My inspiration for buying it was this post from Jeni of In Color Order. I will be dyeing it eventually.


I just had to have this before it disappears. Typewritten words? I'm sold. No project in mind right now.


No projects in mind for these right now either.


Various Japanese prints. I'm also obsessed with Little Red Riding Hood. Oh, and foreign languages.

This year I do intend to shop from my stash more often and these will just make that easier! ;)

I may have a lot on my plate but that isn't stopping me from joining in on some swaps, challenges, and an online class.

I've been checking Flickr religiously for announcements on when the swaps I've been following will start up again. The For the Love of Solids swap was one of the first and you better believe I signed up right away! If you're interested, my mosaic is here. I'm considering doing another that is open for sign ups right now, but I'm not 100%.

In addition to the Finish-a-long challenge I'm doing, I also stumbled upon the Tangerine Tango Challenge. I'm not going to stress myself out coming up with something, but did do some sketching of ideas that came to mind. I just need to sit on them for a little while to see if I really like them. And then Janine told me about 2012 Color Challenge and I decided to partake in that as well. I also got an immediate idea for it and as usual for myself, I will sit on it for a few days before going forward.

Finally, I also signed up for the Curves Class that Rachel is teaching. There's still time to sign up yourself, as the class starts February 1st, but if you're going to do it, do it this week. She's offering $10 off the class fees through the end of the week. I signed up for the basic class, but did see on the private blog that there is the option to upgrade to the premium class, which does include a PDF book of the projects made during the class.

That may not be the last online class I take. I have been wanting to take some of the classes that Alisa Burke teaches, but it hasn't worked out. She does give unlimited access to the class blogs so if you're interested in classes on creativity, check her out. Her blog is very inspiring, as is her artistic process, plus she recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl.

Whew. Typing all of this out makes it seem like a lot to me, and I'm also considering making mini versions of a couple of the quilt-a-longs going on soon. I'm eyeing the Sparkle QAL and the Made in Cherry QAL, but for a more comprehensive list, check out Toni's post on the topic. It seems like this is the year of the scraps!

All of this is telling me that I really need to join in on the WIP posts every Wednesday. So look for that tomorrow!


Pam said...

Oh, look at all that gorgeous fabric!!! You are going to be one busy girl, Katie...

Diane-crewe said...

Good choices on the fabric ... wow! You are going to be BUSY!!!