Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The First

I had been resisting the WIP Wednesdays (for no good reason at all), but I think it will really help me keep on track with my personal projects. I'm not sure if I will include my projects for school or not yet. Classes start next week so I have time to think on that.

First, I forget to share some new yarns that have made their way into my stash. The lace weight camel blend has been haunting me for months. I finally caved when my local yarn store announced they were having a store-wide sale before they do inventory. 20% off? Yes, please! Just don't ask what regular price is. ;)

Yarn stashing

No set projects in mind, but I do have ideas running through my head.

Now onto the update.


Nothing yet.

Progress Made:

Sewing Machine Cover

Hexie progress

I have started joining hexies. The tutorial I followed on how to baste them was not working for the plastic templates I have. I finally found a better way to stop slipping. I was ready to throw in the towel on them and use paper only. I think I can make it through this small project though.

No Progress:

Migration blocks

Project for Migration Blocks
Garter Stitch Scarf
Drunkard's Path QAL
Halloween Mini
Wedding Present (very late!)
Kaleidoscope QAL
Zig Zag QAL

...and so many others. I think that's a good round up for today.


New project

January Stitch-a-long at Feeling Stitchy
Tangerine Tango Challenge
2012 Color Challenge
Curves Class (starts Feb 1st)
For the Love of Solids Swap (questionnaire submitted and waiting on my partner assignment)
Sparkle QAL (maybe?)
Made in Cherry QAL (maybe?)
Birthday Present for BFF

Fingers crossed that I can knock off some items this week! Here's to keeping each other accountable and being a great support system.


Candi said...

Those yarns are so pretty. Im just getting back into knitting so Im using some yarn I found in the basement(!) to knit myself a scarf.

Im in the FTLOS swap too and am super excited about it! said...

I love the look of lace-weight yarns and one day will have a go at making something. Looks like you're well organised so far with your forthcoming projects :-)

Krista said...

Hey! Haven't been keeping up with bogland lately due to being very busy... BUT I saw your hexies and had to comment! I also just started making these a week or so ago and had a bit of trouble since my templates were plastic and everyone online seemed to be basting through paper, but do yours have little holes in the middle? I pin the fabric to the template with that little hole... It's barely big enough but that helps with the "slipping" issue. Then I just baste on the backside right by the corners and call it good. No need to remove the basting stitches. Anyways, email me and we can hammer out the details of what we've figured out, cause I'm sure you've got some tips I could use too!