Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Monday

After sifting through my stash yesterday, I decided on fabrics for the Sparkle QAL. I wasn't going to participate in this one unless I found fabrics at home. Here is what I pulled.

Sparkle QAL Fabrics

I had been collecting the western themed ones to make Chad a quilt. I still want to, but need more than what I have right now. So in order to make something that would please him, as well as me, I'm making a mini with these. The fabric on the left will be the backing, the next four are for the sparkles, the linen is the background, and the print on the right will be the binding. In person, the linen contrasts more with the two lighter prints, but seeing it here, I may find something else to use. (And that may mean buying a solid. Good thing Konas are on sale this week at Joann's.) Any thoughts?

I'm also debating on joining the Made in Cherry QAL. I would again make a mini, but for this one I figured out measurements for it to work. For this one, again, I am shopping my stash. I have some lingering charm packs without a project in mind, so if I do decide to do this one, I will be using these fabrics. Very dark and muted. I don't know what solid I would use for the background yet. The draw to these fabrics is the small scale prints on the charms.

Made in Cherry QAL?

Chad tells me all the time I love taking on too much, so why not. At least minis won't take as much time, right?

I did also join another swap on Flickr. This one is the Mini QT Swap and they swap minis six times a year with different themes. The group is very friendly and I can't wait to make my first one. The theme for February/March is the movies. Very open-ended indeed.

Since I had today off of class, I decided to go to the thrift store and look for some old books. This online class I have been taking on creativity has project instructions for making sketch books out of old hardbacks. I found quite a few contenders but only left with three.

Thrifted Books

My big find though was this copper tray from Turkey. It has a stamp on it of what I'm assuming is the maker, but also has the city in Turkey where it was made. A quick search online didn't yield anything on the maker's (?) name, but did pull up many webpages in Turkish. Even if I never find out more about it, I love it and it is now hanging out in my sewing nook.

Thrift Find-Turkish Tray

Now off to finish up some homework. Happy Monday to you all!


Pam said...

Making more commitments just motivates me to do more. I don't mind pressure and working to a deadline. I often find choosing my fabrics to be the hardest part of a project. I haven't even begun my QAL because I'm baulking at the fabric choice... 3 weeks behind... EEEEKKK!!! Your beautiful copper tray brings back memories. I used to make wall plaques from copper Chad should be very happy with your sparkle quilt.

Kelli said...

Love your western prints for your sparkle quilt. :) I actually had some of that really dark brown print.. I made a baby bib out of it for a friend, I love it. A couple of scraps of it now live in my son's I Spy quilt. What a cool tray! And wonderful old books, sounds like a fun day. :)