Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday

We were supposed to get a huge blizzard last night that fizzled to just a few inches before I went to bed. I'm amused about it because schools were cancelled for today before the snow even started to fall. We ended up with more than the few inches (but not the amount to justify no school-for us anyway) and it's the heavy, wet snow that's only fun when you're a child. It's great for building a snowman or snowball fights, but not so much for removing it. That task is normally Chad's, but since he is out of town, I had to do it. I am terrified don't know how to use the snowblower so I just shoveled a path for the dogs and will remove the buildup at the end of the driveway if the plow decides to come by before I go to work. I have severe asthma and always have an attack if I shovel for more than 15 or 20 minutes. I got what I needed done though, despite my breathing issue.

Another thing before I get to my update. I know I've raved about Hart's Fabric before and just got a second package from them for a recent order. This one I'm blaming on Debbie because she shared a Heather Ross fabric I didn't know existed. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that I have a bit of a snail obsession. I doodle them all the time and do have a project I want to make soon that incorporates a snail. I checked around for someone that may still have yardage of it and found that Hart's does. I bought enough to make a blouse when I find the time. This print is a double gauze and so soft. I have a slight obsession with this type of fabric. Of course, I had to take advantage of the free (but quick, mind you!) shipping and put a couple more fabrics in my cart. In went another Heather Ross (more double gauze-y goodness) and a woven print. I'm not sure if I like the brightness of the right side of the fabric or the muted wrong side more. I guess I will decide once I come to use it.

New Apparel Fabrics

I don't normally post about other giveaways on another blog, but if you're interested in shopping at Hart's Fabric, Tasia at Sewaholic is having a giveaway for $100 to Hart's. The giveaway ends tomorrow, so enter quickly!

Now on with the show. Linking up at Freshly Pieced as usual.


One of Chad's vests and a scarf - There are more to come, though they will be added as I start working on them.

Finished Vest and Scarf

Mouthy Stitches Swap pouch - I loved this swap and look forward to participating again with this group.

Coming your way, partner

Progress Made:

Garter Stitch scarf - just a few more rows knit on this one.

Sparkle QAL - I did a tiny bit of sewing on the last block. I just need to finish it and put it with the rest of the top.

1912 Project: February Pattern - I prewashed my fabric and just need to get to work on this.

No Progress:

Quilt Challenge of the Month: February - I haven't touched this since picking out the fabrics for the windows. Maybe this weekend?

Sewing Machine Cover - no new progress on this, but I did decide to buy different templates to replace the plastic ones I have. I bought hexagons and a few other shapes from Paper Pieces. Now that they have arrived, I'm going to start over. My progress was stalled because of my dislike so I hope to get this one done rather quickly.

From Paper Pieces

(Late) Wedding Present

Nesting Place class - still killing me that I haven't worked on this.

Dessert of the Month Club: January

Dessert of the Month Club: February

Drunkard's Path QAL

Zig Zag QAL

Tangerine Tango Challenge - The deadline is Friday for this. I have the fabrics sitting on my ironing board to iron and will be starting to cut into them this afternoon.

2012 Color Challenge: January

2012 Color Challenge: February - I won't get this one done by the end of the day to link up with everyone. I still plan on making something though.

Curves Class - I have been checking the class blog but not doing any of the projects. Good thing the classroom is open for awhile.

For the Love of Solids Swap - This is going to be worked on this weekend.

Made in Cherry QAL

Embroidery Journal Project: January

Embroidery Journal Project: February - I did buy the threads I will need for these months and the next couple, but I'm waiting on a reference book to arrive in the mail. Then I will have no excuse not to get stitching.

Embroidered Ornaments

Mini QT Swap - I've been narrowing down ideas and need to get started on this soon.

Project Quilting Challenge: Music

Project Quilting Challenge: Tools

Project Quilting Challenge: Barn Quilts

Hand Pieced QAL

Typography Challenge


Nothing this week, but there will be new monthly projects next week. Good thing I have Spring Break coming up and plans to tackle a lot of this list during that week (homework willing, that is).
Have a great day! See you tomorrow for Fresh Sewing Day.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Few Things

I know yesterday I wasn't sure if I would be posting much this week. Well, since Chad has left to be with his family for the week and I will not be joining him until the funeral Thursday, I found a few things to share. Yes, I already miss him and may actually get a lot done to just find a few distractions. He's not sure if he will be staying with his mother through the weekend either. Good thing I do have school and work too.

Anyway. I just got back from posting my swap package for Mouth Stitches. This had to get done today since we are expecting about a foot of snow tomorrow. I really hope she likes it and the scraps I sent along. The pouch finishes at 10"x8" and has a pocket on the inside.

Coming your way, partner

Peek of the inside

Last week, I got a package from my friend Janine. She had asked me if I wanted some fabric she wasn't going to use. I had been waiting for it and was happy to finally see it. Mail seems to take forever to get to me sometimes. Thank you again! I can't wait to put it to good use.

From Janine!

I meant to post about this last week, but it slipped my mind. This is why I write every single thing down right now. Kelsey gave me the Liebster Award last week and then Debbie did the same thing over the weekend. Thank you, ladies!

This award is for bloggers with 200 or less followers. As a part of it, you have to thank and link back to the blogger who gave it to you as well as pass it along to five other deserving blogs.

I never like picking for things like this because I don't want to leave anyone out, but I will for this, and I will list them in alphabetical order. This isn't to say that there aren't more blogs that I think deserve this award, fyi.

1. Echinops and Aster - Jenelle has such talent and makes beautiful things. If I lived closer to her she might find some of them missing. ;)

2. Krista Stitched - Krista also makes amazing things. Just check out her Rose Star blocks.

3. Making Rebecca Lynne - Becca is currently making life's greatest thing: another baby. I am in love with the quilt top she just finished along with so many other items she has sewn.

4. Rainbow Hare - Janine is another talented sewist and a sweet woman. She told me about some of the challenges I've been trying to participate in but haven't managed.

5. Sana Saroti - Sana is not shares her creations, but she has given peeks into her life in Berlin as well as visits to her husband in Texas. Fingers crossed they are reunited for good soon.

That's all I have for today. I hope your week has stated off well!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Studio Sunday and Some News

I will get to sharing my work from school but first, Chad's father passed away late last night. We were both up to get the phone call, albeit brief, and stayed up for some time after. Due to a snowstorm/potential blizzard coming through right now, we aren't able to go anywhere safely, otherwise at least Chad would be traveling to his family. I may be mostly away from posting most of this week, though I am going to catch up with my emails today.

I don't have much to share this week for school projects and put off posting until today, instead of the usual Saturday, because I didn't have any photographs of progress to show.

In my sculpture class, we are still working on our molds. I got a little behind missing a day, so other people in my class have used theirs to cast objects. On Wednesday I mixed up plaster for the second half and that's where I left off.

In photography we have a project due Thursday using image transferring. I'm trying to see how that really relates to photography, as I still am unhappy that the class has completely changed. I bought my support to put my images on yesterday and forgot my jump drive when I was at school this morning, so I couldn't print any of them off to start on it.

I already know that if this particular instructor is teaching future semesters of photography, that I will not be taking it anymore. This goes beyond the structure and content of the class.

I do have an oil painting to share today though. We have been working on painting a still life, though we could take it beyond painting it as is.

I didn't care for many items in the still life so I picked out what I did like and used them differently. In particular, I love this old, beat up dressform.


This is where I started this morning when I went in. I objects from the still life are the dressform, a ceramic bust that is not the woman in the dress (a very ugly woman, I know), a mirror, a bowl of fake grapes, the table, and the picture on the table is of a horse that is on the other side of the still life.


And this is where I left it. I'm not sure if I'm done, so I'm going to sit on it for today. We have critique on it Tuesday, so I can still work on it more tomorrow if I want to.


Today is out for more painting. I did drive in the storm we are having this morning because it's supposed to be worse later on in the day. But for now, I am homebound and that's alright with me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Finishes

Today I'm linking up at a couple places. Firstly, Rhonda is having a mid-quarter check-in for her Finish-a-long and also hosting TGIFF. Amanda Jean is again hosting Finish It Up Friday.

I'm going to start with the new before moving to the old. Today I finished up Chad's first vest. The biggest challenge with this was finding time when both of us were home in order to fit and work on placement of the pockets. I also finished hemming a silk scarf (complete pain in the butt, by the way). The inspiration is western wear and the scarf will be worn in that style.

The is made with a cotton twill picked up at Joann's and interlined with flannel for extra body and warmth. The buttons took forever to sew on because of all the layers. I had to break out a thimble to push my needle through. These are just temporary buttons until the ones he bought online arrive. He wanted buttons like you find on jeans and Joann's just doesn't have anything like them.

Finished Vest and Scarf

Tally right now for future garments for him: two more vests, a winter jacket, and a shop apron. I also intend to make him a quilt too, but that is going to be a surprise.

As for the FAL, so far I have only completed one of the five projects I have as my goal. In some regards that may not sound bad, but considering how quickly that one was to finish once I started it, it's pretty sad. I am aiming to have one more done (just being realistic here) and any that I don't finish will go on the second quarter's list.

Halloween Mini

For more about this Halloween mini, please check out this post.

Like Rhonda, I would love to be UFO free at the end of the year. To extend that even further, I would love to have all the projects, but unfinished and not even started, done. So all the projects I currently have materials for need to wind up done. I've been tossing it around in my head to scare all of you share all of them in their entirety. I have decided to do so, but need a day to photograph every one of them. I'm hoping I have time for this next week and may have to break them up into a couple posts.

I hope you have a great weekend! I will be back tomorrow with more school projects.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I've had a few technology issues today between my phone and laptop, as well as other little things going on, so this is going to be brief. No photos either as I have nothing new to share. Sorry.


Nada. Not happy about it either, but that's life.

Progress Made:

One of Chad's vests - All I have to do is sew on the buttons and it will be done. Then to start on the second (and third) and in the future, a new winter jacket. Yep, told you I created a monster. Barring a tragedy, I will have a finished product to share this week.

Quilt Challenge of the Month - I picked out the fabrics for this and that's where I still am.

Garter Stitch scarf - Some more rows have been added. This is the project that never ends.

No Progress:

Mouthy Stitches Swap - I know what I'm making for my partner but haven't had time to finish it. Tomorrow morning will be work time for this.

Sewing Machine Cover

(Late) Wedding Present

Nesting Place class - This one kills me that I haven't worked on it.

Sparkle QAL - I was hoping to be done by tomorrow for the link up and am now shooting for this weekend.

Dessert of the Month Club: January

Dessert of the Month Club: February

Drunkard's Path QAL

Kaleidoscope QAL

Zig Zag QAL

Tangerine Tango Challenge - This is something I would love to work on this weekend.

2012 Color Challenge: January

2012 Color Challenge: February

Curves Class - The projects I want to do are adding up here, but until I can really focus on them, they are grouped under this one entry.

For the Love of Solids Swap - I have a design in mind and just need to get to it.

Made in Cherry Swap

Embroidery Journal Project: January - I completely changed my mind on what I want to do for this year-long project.

Embroidery Journal Project: February

Embroidered Ornaments

Mini QT Swap

Project Quilting Challenge: Music

Project Quilting Challenge: Tools

Hand Pieced QAL

Typography Challenge


1912 Project- I got my February pattern this past week and bought the supplies. My pattern is for a corset cover, but I don't have one of those so I'm hoping it will work as a top to wear around the house/to bed.

Project Quilting Challenge: Barn Quilt - I instantly had an idea for this but couldn't start it. I did rummage around in my scraps though so that's a start. I am determined to make this before the deadline Sunday.

Aside from all of this, I desperately need to organize my sewing area again. I have so many supplies for all of these projects piled up that I am starting to wonder what goes with what. I also have three big projects due next week for my classes, so that has to be my focus this weekend. Still hoping to fit in some time on this list though.

See you later!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Think I've Created a Monster, or, If You Sew Your Boyfriend a Vest

The title of this post is an homage to both Rocky & Bulwinkle (I always loved how each adventure had two different titles linked by "or") and the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. That is exactly what has occured in my household over the weekend, except Chad is the mouse, and this vest is the cookie.

Allow me to continue the tale...

If you sew your boyfriend a vest, he will ask for a collar.
If you add a collar, he will ask for pockets.
If you add pockets, he will decide he wants a second vest.
If you agree to the second vest, he will find another style that makes you have to completely alter the pattern again, and involve adding a zipper instead of button front...

Oh wait, I totally got off track of the story there. But that is what is happening here. Not that I completely mind, so don't think I'm complaining here. It's just my sewing time over the weekend was dedicated to sewing things not for me. Yes, a bit selfish, but hey, it's my free time. I had plans. I was going to knock out some of my WIP list and shrink it down.

And let me tell you this, I am still not done with the first vest. I did tell Chad that he needs to write down in detail/clip out images of what he wants for future ones. After making this first one, the others should go along quicker, although there are some major design changes so that may negate the speed one would acquire.

This vest I'm talking about? I bet you want to see it, huh.

Vest-Almost There

Like I said, not finished yet. It was lengthened so I had to consult with him first about the buttons. The pattern calls for four. He wanted five, but I wasn't sure if he would want six. I told him that once I put in the buttonholes that would be it as far as placement goes. So that has been decided and will be done as soon as I have time.

There will be two patch pockets added as well. He wanted welt pockets, but considering I haven't sewn those before, they are not an option this time. This vest is, afterall, going to be worn to his father's funeral. (Yes, he is still alive. We are just getting prepared...)

I am pretty proud of my self-drafted collar though. It's not the original idea we had, but it works. I also love how the top stitching makes it look less Becky Home-ecky (thank you, Michael Kors, for that).

Now that I've made this I think it's about time I start thinking more about clothing for me. Especially pants; ideally jeans. I say this after spending some time today shopping for a couple new pairs. I have to go now otherwise it is near impossible to find tall jeans in the summer here. Even if I do find jeans that say they are long, they sometimes aren't. That was the case today. I tried on every cut and brand in one store in my size that were long. Out of the four pairs (yep, just four!), only one was the right length. The other was just about there and the two remaining not even close.

Whew. I really got off tangent there. To sum up, expect more apparel sewing to show up here in the future. Afterall, I did buy some more apparel fabric online that is currently winging it's way to me.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Studio Saturday

I've been working on Chad's vests and cooking most of the day I almost forget to post this today! I'll make it quick because I need to go to bed shortly.

I have nothing to share from my sculpture class. I missed Monday and on Wednesday our instructor was gone. He had the opportunity to carve snow in Winnipeg, Manitoba for their annual Festival du Voyageur. If you ever get the chance to go to it, do it! I went many times growing up and always had fun. Chad doesn't have a passport (yet!), otherwise I would rope him into driving up there for a day. Anyway. We don't have class on Monday due to President's Day either.

In photography we are working with gel medium and digital lifts and transfers. I have a lot left to do for next week, but it's mostly prep work.

I do have these two examples to share. The one on the left is a gel medium lift (it feels like a plastic skin and can be applied anywhere) and the one on the left is a digital transfer.

Photo Lifts

Our final project for this section is supposed to be propaganda for an issue we feel strongly about. My issue is how people should be cooking at home instead of eating out.

I have quite a few paintings to share this week. These were done in class and supposed to be painted with reckless abandon.




Then we had the assignment to do that at home. I chose to do mine quickly and spontaneously, so I just picked out my neighbor's house to paint during sunrise.


The other outside assignment was to paint a Valentine's Day painting, but it couldn't be typical. I don't feel that February 14th should be anything out of the ordinary in a relationship, so instead I painted what love was. In our case, Chad and I offer support for each other and to show that, I painted a welding helmet (his creative outlet) and my sewing machine.


The most interesting day in class was when our instructor hypnotized us. Not in the bark like a dog, make a fool of yourself way, but to get into a deep state of relaxation. I've had this done by him before in a drawing class so I knew what to expect.

First he had us paint a still life prior to entering a relaxed state. We had 15 minutes for each of these. I didn't get very far on the first because I am a slow painter.


Then we were hypnotized and told to paint it a second time. I got a little bit further into getting it down, but it's still not finished.


For the third, he put us into a deeper state and told us to think about painting as a child and how free it was. I actually finished this prior to the time limit being up and managed to get all sorts of details in.


Over the weekend we are to use this exercise to paint more freely. We also start painting with oils next week, which I am so happy about.

Until next Saturday with my artwork. Hopefully I will have something to share on Monday. When making my list yesterday I forget to include my Mouthy Stitches pouch, which is what I will be doing after finishing one of the vests.

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Today and This Weekend

Today I.... some pretty fabrics in the mail.

New Fabrics

A stack that grew when I went to buy the peacock print on the top. I've been waiting so long to snatch some of that up.

Lovely bright shot cottons all the way from the UK. Oakshott to be presise. I blame Lynne for this as she is giving away a color box and so many people are vying for it. I also didn't want to wait to see if I won before getting my hands on some.

Oakshott Fabrics

I am very, very pleased with both the fabrics and the company itself. They send packages to the US by FedEx Express, which means you get it overnight. I didn't quite get my the next day because I wasn't home when they tried to deliver, but I did go pick it up from them the first chance I got. I got a promo code when I signed up for their newsletter which equaled free shipping. The prices on their site include VAT, which is promptly removed if you do not live in the European Union. And as an unexpected bonus, they threw in a color card for free. After some not so great experiences with other online fabric stores, I am giddy over all of this. I also had read that the shot cottons most people use are not going to be sold anymore (boooo!) so this is an excellent option.

I didn't want to spring for a color box right away as I wasn't sure how I would feel about the fabrics. I am just so picky with everything. So I picked up a charm pack and two kits. These are the kits I bought (images from Oakshott's website).

...picked out fabrics for my Cathedral Windows apron.

Pull for Apron

This weekend I...

...will be making up one, if not both, of Chad's vests.

...will be starting, if not finishing, my Cathedral Window apron.

...will be embroidering my Nesting Place needlebook.

...will be finishing at least the top of my Sparkle quilt.

...will at least prep the fabric for the Dessert of the Month Club and hopefully start.

...will be watching some long-anticipated stock car racing, as it starts Saturday night!

How about you? Any plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I need to make this quick, so I will get on with it and link up at Freshly Pieced.


Three different pouches - Made for me but to test the waters with my partner in the Mouthy Stitches Swap. After getting reactions, I am going to take that and hopefully work on my swap pouch this weekend. This also means my Migration blocks can come off my list. Double duty projects are my favorite thing.

Three Pouch Options

Progress Made:

Quilt Challenge of the Month: February - We are to do something with Cathedral Windows. I am going to make an apron and have purchased the main fabric. Next to pick out the windows and I can get started.


Garter Stitch scarf - I've knit about an hour on this the past week. It really is just taking forever and I'm feeling guilt if I think about starting another knitting project.

Sewing Machine Cover - I had brought this to work on in the truck, but got frustrated with the plastic templates I'm using. I did manage to stitch one hexie to the rest before putting it away.

Wedding Present - This is so late that I am ok with sharing my progress visually. This has made the most progress this past week. I had left it with just the red part done. There are three more towels to go with it, all with different designs that I will be freehanding.

Twins Towel Progress

Nesting Place class - Linen is stretched, design is transferred, and I have started stitching a bit. This is my first project using stretcher bars and so far I love it more than using a hoop.

Nesting Place

Chad's vests - Fabric has been purchased and the muslin made. I need to draft the collar to add to it and get started on sewing these up.

No Progress:

Sparkle QAL - This is in the same state as last Wednesday. Hoping to work on it this weekend.

Dessert of the Month Club: January

Dessert of the Month Club: February

Drunkard's Path QAL

Kaleidoscope QAL

Zig Zag QAL

Tangerine Tango Challenge

2012 Color Challenge: January

2012 Color Challenge: February

Curves Class - I have been reading the posts but haven't made anything from the class yet.

For the Love of Solids Swap

Made in Cherry Swap

Embroidery Journal Project: January

Embroidery Journal Project: February

Embroidered Ornament set

Mini QT Swap

Project Quilting Challenge: Music

Project Quilting Challenge: Tools - I missed the deadline to win prizes but still want to make what I came up with. I have it in mind to go back to the challenges that were posted before I joined and do those too, but I think I should knock out more things here before I do that.

Hand Pieced QAL


Typography Challenge - I have a couple ideas for this one. After watching Pam from Threading My Way take part in these challenges, I couldn't resist anymore.

I think that's everything. I'm so behind in everything except school and work (which would be pretty impossible to get behind). My wish to have one snow day is probably not going to come true either. For everything to shut down here it needs to be nightmarish bad. Think hurricane force winds with heavy snowfall - like 15"+ at once.

I hope your Wednesday is going well!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday at the Table

I'm linking up today over at Debbie's wonderful blog, A Quilter's Table, for Tuesday at the Table. If you've never visited her, do stay awhile and see the amazing things that she creates.

I don't have a recipe to share (no time to cook over the weekend) and don't celebrate Valentine's Day as every day is an opportunity to show love in our household. Don't throw up or anything though, it's not like a cheesy love movie or anything. Chad and I both just crave the same sort of relationship after all the many failures before.

Instead, I have a story from Sunday. Now Sunday was when we drove to see his dying father and the day as a whole, was not great, all things considered. It was a gathering of close family members, including some that I have not yet met before in the almost three years we have been together. There was an aunt and uncle who just don't come to family events often, but do live nearby in North Dakota. And then there was an uncle who now calls Las Vegas home. His energy was over-the-top and I'm not sure if he normally is that way, or if the fact that his brother is facing the end was the cause. A day spent with him was a lot for me, and very draining. It just reaffirms that I couldn't deal with the energy of a large city and that living in somewhat seculsion is best for me.

I'll get the somber part of my story out of the way and onto the enjoyable part. Chad's father is out of the hospital and at home now. He is bedridden and under hospice care, though it is Chad's sister, a nurse at the local veteran's hospital, who has taken a leave from her job in order to tend to their father.

There was a bit of crying from almost everyone, especially as people left for the evening. His father burst into tears when we came to say goodnight, as he knows as we do, that we probably won't see each other again. I have never experienced this before; any family or friends that have died before have done so suddenly. I'm not sure which is better, having the chance to say goodbye but watch someone die, or to not have that chance. Both are quite unpleasant.

On the drive home I asked Chad if his father is still living this upcoming weekend if he wanted to visit again, but he's not sure he can do it again. Well, I'm not sure I can either, but I need to be there for him whatever his decision is.

There were bright spots during the day. Of course there were stories to be told, photos to look at, and a few home movies to watch. Food was supplied by family and friends and included the standard Midwestern potluck fare: hot dishes and bars, among other things.

It was between meals that we watched old episodes of Johnny Carson. I never really watched him on tv and had got to the point where I had to do something. I had brought with a few projects to work on if I had the chance, so I pulled out some embroidery. I set up camp at the kitchen table so I could lay out everything. As I was working, Chad's five year old niece came to get water and noticed what I was doing. She started asking questions which progressed to her "helping" me stitch. (I would put the needle where I wanted and let her pull it through.) Soon enough she wanted to do it herself. Instead of letting her take over what I was working on, I pulled out an extra towel and threaded a needle for her to practice with.

5 Year Old's First Embroidery

Here's her go at embroidery. I wanted to snap a photo before I cut out the stitches because I do need to use this towel for something else. She had wanted to keep it, or at least cut our her part. I told her that next time I see her, I will have fabric with that she can stitch on and keep, if she wanted to.

It was a bright spot to the day for me to sit down and teach her a little bit. Definately distracting as well.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I spent some time on Friday and Saturday sewing a few pouches for myself. This served two purposes. One, because I really do need some for myself and just can't wait until I get mine from the Mouthy Stitches Swap at the end of the month/beginning of March. And two, to make samples to show my partner and get input. I had a lot of fun doing this and have even more ideas to get out.

Three Pouch Options

The first one I made I shared on Friday. It's the dumpling pattern from Keyka Lou. I smile just looking at it because of Little Red Riding Hood. Guess that means I need to use more of my stash of fabrics with her on them.

Pouch 1 - Little Red Dumpling Side View

Then I made a pouch using my orphan blocks from my Migration tutorial. This was made for the Monthly Challenge hosted by Candi and our challenge for January was to do something with our blocks. Well it took me until February, and up until late last night, I assumed I was going to make them into mini quilts. Since I didn't jump on that I'm glad I found a way to use them in a manner I can enjoy.

Pouch 2 - Side 1

Pouch 2 - Side 2

I didn't quilt this at all. It is lined with a green Kona cotton and has fusible fleece for some body. I put zipper ends on this one to give it a try. The tutorial I followed was not the best, so I won't link to it. I know where there can be improvement for next time though. It finishes about 10" x 11".

Pouch 2 - Lining

The last pouch I made I started with a loose plan. I knew I wanted to use the Heather Ross print and pulled linens that matched. I had an idea of size, which was smaller in my head than what it turned out to be. This one finishes about 12" x 13" and has a 2" depth at the bottom thanks to boxed corners.

Pouch 3 - Side 1

Pouch 3 - Boxed Corners

I played with some FMQ on the front and back, and also some running stitches on the front. Because this is for me, I didn't plan much of where the FMQ would go on the back. The "Wild at Heart" is a play on the wildflowers and also a line from a country song that I like. It's also a good way to describe me and is a side that most people don't see.

Pouch 3 - Side 2

I didn't sew on zipper ends on this one so I could try that too. Before making these, I had only ever put zippers in clothing, so this was an experience. I like both ways and don't find one harder than the other.

Pouch 3 - Lining Peek

The other sewing I did was for Chad's vest. We went to the fabric store when he got home from work and picked out fabrics to make two of them. He had wanted a tan twill and a black wool, but the wool was a bit expensive for us right now, so he will have a black twill as well. I measured him and made up a muslin to get the fit right. Luckily, it fits well without any adjustments. The only thing I will have to do extra is draft a collar for it, as the patterns available in the store didn't have one. Pattern companies should really make more of a variety for men's clothing.

The urgency to make these has increased. I don't think I shared the reason behind it, but he wants to have the black one to wear to his father's funeral. I told you that his father was going on hospice care, but the next day he was hospitalized because of fluid entering his lungs. We know the end is very near and as of my typing this (Saturday evening), he is still alive. I've been praying that he makes it through Sunday so we can see him in person as this may just be the last day we see him alive.

Sorry for the somber note, but it is on my mind a lot right now. I already have the ok to have a night off work for the funeral, once we know when it will be. This is very generous of my boss because since I am part time, I don't have all the benefits that full time employees have. And not being married to Chad, the death of any of his relatives doesn't fall under the funeral leave allowance.

I'm taking a few handwork projects with me to keep me occupied today. Like a lot of people, I don't do well with hospitals and death. Unlike many, I tend to get physically ill and can't sit still. (I missed a grandmother's funeral because I was in the bathroom throwing up, for instance.) I could have used something to work on the past few visits but didn't think to bring anything. This time I am prepared so my hands are at least doing something.

Ok, I think that's enough of me bringing you down. I should be back early in the week with more to share with you as I'm hoping to have another finish under my belt before Wednesday.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Studio Saturday

Here we are at Saturday again. My classes this week were pretty light as far as work goes, but here is what I created for them.

Firstly, in sculpture we are working on making two part molds. So far, I just have one half of it done. I'm making a mold of a plastic lemon; nothing exciting.

In painting this week we worked on making mixed media collages, concentrating on color and shape. The first one I made in class looking out one of the windows. I used a little paint, marker and oil sticks to add to the color already on the collaged paper.


This second one was done at home. I glued torn up sheet music to a large sheet of paper and painted over it. We were to use something 3D on the collage as well and that is represented by the waxed thread I used as strings. Marker was used as well to define. I think I managed to wreck it though by drawing over slightly wet paint.


Our final cyanotype project was due on Tuesday. We had our critique and then our instructor surprised us by telling us that our pieces were going on display in the gallery. We had until Thursday to tweek them, taking into account the comments made during critique.


My piece is dealing with my family and growing up. Before my sister was born, when I was still an only child, my parents would read Goldilocks and the Three Bears to me, substituting Katie Bear for Baby Bear. When she was born, this stopped. That is part of the story here. The other part is how I seperated myself from my family due to long term mental abuse. You can read a little more about that here, where I talked about it. If you have more questions though, feel free to ask. (Like I stated in the first post, any suggestions that I have done the wrong thing are unwelcome. Abuse is unacceptable, period, and considering it continued into my adult years made it horrendous for me.) I found photos that would help portray that idea that my story can be parallel to the fairy tale and traced various illustrations to get the top layer. I used a Japanese book binding technique to put it together. This piece is very interactive and hard to photograph. For obvious reasons, it is hard to portray mental abuse and the photo "showing" that is of my crying as I'm receiving a gift. My parents seemed to think that by buying me things or giving me money that it would erase what they did to me. At one point, I was even bribed to talk to my father again. A pretty hefty $10,000 was on offer... Tempting but not worth it to me.







It was kind of funny to me because I had been thinking how this was a great way to work through feelings but nothing I would want to put on display. Well, it is now hanging up at school and I'm trying to be ok with it. If she had told us we would be displaying the projects from this assignment, I would have made something else, honestly.

That's all that I had to do last week. My only assignment right now is to paint a Valentine's Day themed painting, but it has to not be the expected or use any sort of cliche. I have an idea of what I'm going to do and just need to do it. Good thing it isn't due until Tuesday.

I spent the day doing some sewing, which I will show you tomorrow. Hope your weekend is going well!