Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quick Update

I didn't mean to go this long without posting and it really doesn't seem like it's been more than a few days. I guess that's what being busy does to a person.

Due to some things at work, I've been working full time, and some days overtime. It really takes away from creating anything even though I have been taking some little things to work on during my dinner break. Some days I have progress and others I spend talking to my co-workers.

This all means I have to devote my free time to housekeeping and cooking. I have stalled progress on my quilts for the QALs I'm taking part in. I have some other things out of the way now, so I'm going to keep chugging along on those this week. Pictures will come with progress.

As far as the things I've been working on, I did make some things for a friend for her bridal shower. I didn't get everything done, so those will come to her later, but I made her a purse, homemade Oreos (follow link to Smitten Kitchen for the recipe), and made a gift bag using the tutorial here: Petite Drawstring Bag at Modify Tradition. I did use a larger quilt block and adjusted from there. I dislike store bought gift bags, so finding this tutorial was a God send for me.

Kitty Purse

Homemade Oreos

Gift Bag

I haven't had too much time to tend to my garden the past couple weeks. Luckily, the rain has been taking care of getting my plants watered. There are weeds, but at this point I'm not too worried. I need to get in to harvest some items soon. Here's a peek at my sunflowers, watermelons, and corn.

Sunflowers have arrived!



That's all for now. I will post again once I've made some progress on some other projects. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Cherished Collection

I'm so excited to be a part of the Cherished Collections blog tour hosted by Casey of Elegant Musings! If you are one of my followers, please check out the other blogs on tour this week and if you are visiting, thanks for stopping by and feel free to look around.

Ever since I was a child, I have had a collection of one thing or another. Some were my own and some where thrust upon me by relatives. Creepy porcelain dolls come to mind for the latter. Don't worry, I'm not showcasing those. Thankfully, I had the foresight to get rid of them years ago.

Camera Collection

My favorite collection is of vintage cameras. I have always loved film. The feel of it, the smell, and most recently, processing it myself. Even though I do own a digital camera, I still take photographs with any of my various film cameras.

Camera Collection

35mm, 110, 120, Polaroid... All are film types I have shot over the years. Some of these cameras that I own use film that is either no longer made, or incredibly expensive to obtain. I have plans to alter them so I can shoot with them.

Camera Collection

My collection was larger at one point, but in the spirit of only owning items that either bring me joy and/or that I make use of, I sold various pieces in order to have a collection that I truely love.

Camera Collection

I do not know if every one of these cameras are functional. Yet anyway. I am taking a break from photography courses this up coming semester as the classes are taking place in the evening when I work, and the focus this fall is on digital only. I'm too hands-on and have so much fun in the darkroom that I can't bear to sit at a computer for hours editing. It's just not me.

Camera Collection

Plus, it's the details of these vintage cameras that keep me coming back for more.

Camera Collection

So until spring when I will be making much use of my lovely prizes, I'm building up ideas to focus on and admiring my small collection.

Camera Collection

Thank you for stopping by today! You are more than welcome to come back and chat any time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Christmas Quilt-a-long Finish

I have to make this a quick one, as I have too many errands to run before work tonight.

My Sunday project, the quilt-a-long hosted by Qubee Quilts, turned into a Sunday/Monday project. Turns out there was cooking to be done, dogs to be washed, a boyfriend to be tended to, as well as a garden, and then a little storm that involved a tornado touching down outside of the town Chad's parents live in. Whew!

Now to the nitty-gritty. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Finished Quilt for the Christmas Quilt-a-long

Close Up Shot

Back of My Quilt from the Christmas Quilt-a-long

Fabrics used were Jovial by Basic Gray, Kona solids, and the backing is from Joann's.

Of course I had a little "help" when taking photos. This, my friends, is what I shoot around when I'm outside on the deck.

Behind the Scenes

Until next time!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

KQAL Update and New Things

This morning I spent some time sewing together my blocks for the KQAL. I want to get them together over the weekend (preferably today due to another project I'm doing tomorrow) so I can get to hand quilting them next week. I do still have to do the pieced back as well and want an idea of how big I need to go with that.

Blocks for KQAL

I am so behind on working on the ZZQAL. I haven't even cut my strips to start sewing them together. Instead of tackling that tomorrow, I've decided to join in on the Christmas Quilt-a-long being hosted by Qubee Quilts tomorrow. I am going to use charms Jovial by Basic Gray as the focus fabric and Kona solids for the top. The backing is a print I picked up at Joann's.

Qubee Quilts' Christmas Quilt-a-long

Last night before I fell asleep I also came up with some other ideas for projects. For now, they are going to be secret, as they involve me learning a new skill before I can even start. I love when ideas just come to me, from out of no where. Anyone experience this? I get most of my ideas right before I fall asleep, in the shower, and when I'm driving to and from work (long-ish commute). I think it's the passive thinking that's the key.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little something to show off as well.