Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration: Native American Art

This weekend didn't result in much work on my ongoing projects. Instead, I mostly spent it preparing for classes to start tomorrow. There was a lot of football watching, including the championship win by my university's team, and the start of the the 2012 bull riding season. I also took a field trip to a local museum on Saturday. I had already seen the exhibits they are showing, but wanted to view one that is ending soon again. Of course since I was there, I wanted to walk through the other exhibits too.

One exhibit was comprised of new work that the museum has acquired. Again I found myself drawn to a select few pieces. All of them happen to be created by Native American artists, so I thought I would share them with you as a source of inspiration. (The photos are from my cell phone as I wasn't intending to take pictures.)

I didn't make notes on who exactly created these works of art, just that they were all Native American. The exhibit that these pieces are a part of runs until April, so if you are interested in knowing more details, let me know.

First up is a wall hanging made from tree bark. From afar, it reminded me of a quilt.

Bark Full

Upon examination, you can see that the bark is sewn together.

Bark Detail

Next is this dress. At first, I thought it was carved from wood but it is actually ceramic.

Ceramic Dress

Finally, this cushion is quillwork. Beautiful, and I could see this created with any number of materials.


Those are what stuck out for me. I love going to the museum to see what others make from everyday materials. Especially in Native American art, the use of natural materials is stunning. I come home and look at everything differently.

How was your weekend?


Pat said...

Very cool! I love finding inspiration in unusual places! Thanks for sharing.

Diane-crewe said...

stunning, anyone of them would be a good foundation for a quilt xx

Toni said...

Wow, those things are amazing! I love the hand-sewn bark. Did it say what the thread was?