Saturday, January 14, 2012

Studio Saturday

Welcome to my first weekly recap of the projects I am creating for my classes. I figure having one set day to update would be best for both you and me.

I don't have much to share visually today, as many things are still in the planning stages, or I haven't created the next project yet. To recap and for those of you who missed my post where I discussed my classes, you can expect projects from painting, sculpture, as well as my photography class which is on alternative digital processes. I am addicted to the darkroom so I am going to try to squeeze in some time there on the side.

For the first assignment in painting we had to do our best acrylic painting. There were absolutely no parameters for this assignment, which some do think is helpful but in fact, having parameters can make creativity flourish more than when everything is open.

There were some interesting paintings submitted and some students who didn't do anything. We weren't graded on this, but he wanted us to just paint so we had some sort of benchmark in which to compare at the end of the semester.

My painting was this.

First Painting for Class

Someone commented that it reminded them of watercolor, which is interesting considering I sketch with watercolors. I know I can do better and really wasn't sure what to paint. I fall back on using my dogs as subjects and could have done that here, but I don't want to overuse them for class. I cannot grow if I keep doing the same thing, ya know.

Our next assignment is to do another painting, again whatever subject or size, but we have to use three things that other students did with their paintings. I haven't started this yet because I'm not sure what to paint again. I may use one thing and do a nonobjective painting. One girl just put paint to paper without a plan, so that is something else I could do. Whatever direction I go, you will see it next Saturday.

For sculpture we are to make up a minature of what we want to weld. We are making assemblages first and he suggested gathering materials as well over the weekend. The subject matter is completely open ended. I have ideas and really need to flesh them out tomorrow and Monday. We don't have class Monday because of MLK Day, so Wednesday is when this is due. We are also having a welding demo since only myself and one other student have welding experience.

In photography we are to assemble photographs to scan. She wants them to be photos that there would be two differing sides of the story behind it. Her assignment was pertaining to family, but I talked to her after class about my situation with family, and was given the ok to use photos with other relationships. Her example was if we had a photograph of our parents, who happened to be divorced, and ask each of them their side of the story. My parents do happen to be divorced, but never would talk about why they were, and as such, I will never know.

I have picked out a few different photographs and am interested to see what the next step is after we scan them. I am hoping it doesn't have a whole lot to do with sitting at a computer. I am also really hoping that this class will be worth it in the end because I am torn between challenging myself and spending four months doing something I hate (sitting on the computer for hours and hours on end). Time will tell on that one.

I'll be spending Sunday and Monday working on these projects and hopefully squeezing in some work on my WIP list. I hope you're having a great weekend in your part of the world!


Pam said...

You are very talented, Katie.

Janine said...

I love the way you have blended your colours. Your painting has a beautiful luminous quality. I'm looking forward to seeing your assemblages :)