Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainbow in the Snow

Winter seems to have finally arrived here. It snowed from Saturday evening through the early hours this morning. All in all, I believe we got between 4-5" of snow, which really isn't a lot for us, although I know it is a lot for other areas of the country. However, in Minnesota and North Dakota we don't get snow days for that. (Since I'm linking up to Sew Modern Monday and Fabric Tuesday, to explain, I live on the state border between the two. I feel more like a North Dakotan than Minnesotan, but I live in Minnesota. I'm digressing terribly and could spend an entire post explaining what I mean. Phew.)

Fresh Snow

Today is still gray and the beautiful, white snow has turned dirty already in the streets. Life goes on as usual. I don't like to drive much in the winter and only go out in my car if I have to. That means I pretty much only go to work, school, and to shop for nessecities. Yesterday was the perfect day to stay inside, work on homework, and sew. I have three mini quilts basted and ready for quilting: my Halloween mini, the mini Swoon, and my Migration mini. I thought the Swoon was easy to put together, at least compared to what I've been reading on Flickr. I'll talk more about it once it's finished.

The other thing I finished was a birthday present for a friend. I haven't given it to her yet, but do want to share it today so I can link up.

Birthday Present

She loves elephants (as do I) so I made her a small wall hanging with a fussy cut elephant. The rainbow bars are charms from the Color Wheel Charm Swap. The backing is more of the teal print at the top. Chad cut the dowel down for me and I found some cord to use as a hanger. You can kind of see it in the photo, but not well. It's still windy here so getting a good picture wasn't easy.

Despite this being a gift, I would love to have it for myself. I'm hoping she likes it as much as I do!

How was your weekend? Did you get any sewing done?


M-R said...

Love your colours and design! Wow!

Janine said...

That elephant is fab and I love the way you've put your colours together:)

Kim said...

Colorful and beautiful! What a great gift!!!!!

Allison said...

great design, so full of color! Your friend is one lucky lady :)

Cindy said...

A mini swoon is intreguing. Where are the pictures?

Jamie Lee said...

The elephant wall hanging is so pretty! I am sure your friend will adore it!

Sana Saroti said...

Hey Katie! Love the rainbow-elefant! Cant you make another one for yourself? I bought the cutest elefant corduroy while I was in the States at Walmart! We'll see how long it takes me to make something for myself ;-)

Susan said...

Oh I love it! What a lucky friend. :)