Saturday, May 18, 2013

What's Going On

I've been largely absent here lately. My shift change has taken longer to get used to than I thought but I think I'm starting to get into a routine I can thrive in. My free time has been spent knitting. Last time I shared the projects I have planned for Mad May and I'm working on checking off that list. As a bonus, there is a contest to go along with the KALs for the most FOs. So far, I have finished nine things and am in various stages of more. I started the month with a goal of finishing ten knits, which will be easily met. Now I'm shooting for fifteen. FO posts will have to wait until June for these, and the ever-growing stack of knits that have been waiting all year.

In addition to my knitting, spring has finally came to the Red River Valley. Getting off work while the sun is still up makes it hard to want to be inside. Of course we are on a rush into summer, where everyone here will soon be complaining about the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes (versus snow, bitter cold, and wind).

May FOs so far

This month will also bring a bit of travel. I have to go to Minneapolis for a few days for work again and this time I will be going alone. I need to drive down on a Sunday so I will have an extra day to visit old and new places in the area. For all the time I have spent in the Twin Cities, there are still things I haven't seen, so I'm taking advantage of this. I'm staying by the Mall of America and will be skipping going there (for the millionth time) though. Rain is in the forecast the entire time I will be visiting, but I still hope to get some photographs to share.

Waiting to be blocked

The other trip I have planned is to head into Canada to visit Winnipeg, Manitoba. Again, this is a city I have visited many times in my lifetime, but it has been awhile since my last visit. In addition to seeing the city, I have some side trips in mind that are off the interstate.

To be honest, I have plans for many exploratory trips this summer. It seems my over-planning has moved from projects to travel. I do still have many projects in the great queue in my head and can't wait to get to them starting in June. As much as I love to knit, I miss creating in other ways.

Another post may come in May, but more likely won't be until June. See you soon!