Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I'm hitting it hard on my WIPs, either by trying to finish or scrapping them altogether. More will come on the latter soon, but for today I have some progress to share on two projects.

First, I'm in the home stretch on my second sock. It's hard to want to knit this now with how warm it is outside, but I'm determined to get this off the needles. This will hopefully be finished by the end of the month.

Love Letters WIP

I have come to a setback with this mitt, however. I was knitting the large size, based on the measurements in the pattern, and it is too big. I was so close to getting this one finished but instead, ripped it out this morning. I will start over with the small size and even if it's a little tight, I know when I wash them they will grow a bit. The yarn I'm using is known for that.

Sourwood Mountain WIP

Despite having to start over, I'm going to try to finish these this month too.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Knitting WIPs

One week I will actually post this on Wednesday, like I used to. Since I'm still on a making bender, my blogging schedule was thrown out the window. As such, I decided to do away with my monthly to-do list for the time being. I just keep adding projects and not really sharing progress. I am working on getting my in-progress projects finished before starting new things (with a few exceptions) and really need to get FO photos taken. It's been so hot and humid lately that the throught of modeling wool items is not at the top of my list, however.


Camp Loopy is on it's second month. I'm knitting a cute little cardigan called Hey, Teach! out of Madelinetosh Vintage. The colorway is called Badlands and I picked it as an homage to western North Dakota. So far, I have finished the back and one sleeve (not pictured) I have the other sleeve on the needles and am hoping to finish it and the two fronts over the weekend.

Hey, Teach! WIP

I also started a laceweight shawl for a KAL on Ravelry. This is a pattern called Tiong Bahru and is knit with Sundara Silk Lace. It's an intermediate pattern and I'm not sure how fast it will progress.

Tiong Bahru WIP

Lastly, I've been chipping away at this sock. With the heat, I hate the idea of socks in general, but really want this off the needles. The pair will just have to get tucked away until fall.

Sock WIP

What are you working on?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer of Color: Week Four

The colors for this week are charcoal gray and pale pink. Perfect for my obsession with working with charcoal, and made for an obvious approach for me.

Summer of Color: Week 4

I started out this one by toning my paper with a pink watercolor wash. Like last week, I smeared vine charcoal over it to give it a little depth. Then I drew the portrait on top. I debated adding more to this but decided to stop here. It's simple and gave me hope that I can still draw people, even if there is room to improve.

Warm washes

And because I had my watercolors out, I played a little bit more. I was going to draw on top of them but didn't like what I was doing. After taking off my drawing, I am going to leave this until I know what it will become. I may end up using it as a background for something else, or I might cut it up to use in some other manner. It was fun to just lay color down with no purpose.

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