Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

My classes started yesterday and while most students call the first days "syllabus day", that isn't the case for my studio classes. They are normally 3 hours long and the first day for each entitled talking about the syllabus and projects to be completed for a couple hours. I have assignments due already, and really should be working on them today instead of reading blogs, but I'm not sure what I want to do.

For painting, we have to do our best painting. Any subject, any size.

Photography's assignment is to find a photographer's work I like and bring in examples. The class is not what I had thought it would be. For one, since I am in Photo III I should be able to pick my projects for the semester. Two, the focus on the spring was supposed to be film, or so I was told. I do not care for digital photography, especially sitting at a computer editing. I would much rather spend hours in the darkroom. Instead of all that, this semester's class focus is on alternative digital photography. I do admit I am intrigued because we will be learning how to print on any surface: fabrics, wood veneer, sheet metal, etc. Because of the level I am at, I will also have more freedom in project presentation, which will be nice. She wants us to combine our favorite medium with the processes we will learn, so I've been working out ways that I could combine this with fibers. I do have sketches and ideas down already, so that should help propell me through the semester. I am disappointed that I won't be able to work on what I wanted to do, which is learn early photography methods, such as tintypes, but I may be able to fit that in on the side. At any rate, this class is going to challenge me and may surprise me in the end.

Finally, for my sculpture class, we need to make up a model for a human-size sculpture we will be welding. Aside from one guy, I am the only other student in the class who has welding experience. That should be interesting for the others.

Enough about school for now. I'm thinking about taking one day a week to share with you all what I'm working on in school, and contain it there so you can choose to read about it or not.

Speaking of a schedule, check out Mollie's (Wild Olive) post today about blog planning. In December I was planning out my future blogs, and even scheduling some in advance. I really liked the organization of it and that I could write a few at a time instead of wondering what I could post every day. Currently, the only thing I have planned out is these weekly WIP posts, but I will be returning to more planning, especially since I am so busy now.

Now onto my weekly progress. Be sure to check out the other WIP Wednesday posts over at Lee's place and give your support.


January Stitch-a-long - I made my couched piece into a banner. See this post for all the infomation.

Name banner

Progress Made:

Garter Stitch Scarf - I have done some more knitting, but not enough to really show progress. Today's not a great day for photographs either, as it is heavily overcast and snowing a little.

Drunkard's Path QAL - More blocks have been trimmed. Have I mentioned that I find trimming to be tedious?

No Progress:

Sewing Machine Cover
Project for Migration Blocks - can't decide how to quilt them.
Halloween Mini
Wedding Present
Kaleidoscope QAL
Zig Zag QAL
Tangerine Tango Challenge - stalled until I pick up some Konas. They are on sale next week at Joann's though. Hopefully they have the colors I want.
2012 Color Challenge: January - stalled until I pick up Konas.
Curves Class (starts Feb 1st)
For the Love of Solids Swap - just waiting on partner assignment to start.
Sparkle QAL (maybe?)
Made in Cherry QAL (maybe?)
Birthday Present for BFF


Mouthy Stitches Swap - all signed up and waiting for partner assignment.

Mouthy Stitches Mosaic

Swoon-a-long (maybe? Depends on if I can find the right fabrics.)

Dessert of the Month Club - I'm sure you have seen other people post about this. I love the design for January so I had to join. I need to pick up materials before I start.

Embroidery Journal Project - This is a free-for-all project and I have been only thinking about what I will stitch up this month.

I think that's everything. I am taking another online class about tapping into creativity, but not sure how much of that I will share here. It's not really an end point anyway, so the outcomes/projects from it will get their own post.

Boy, do I need to get to work on this list! First up, homework, then fun. Happy Wednesday to you!


Rebecca Lynne said...

I for one like reading about your school stuff...but it might help organize your thoughts if it is in a weekly post. I would have no idea what to do if I had a free for all choice to make for painting...I was always better with some structure or limitations. As for photography, I'm sorry it isn't what you expected but maybe it will force you to learn things you might not otherwise have tried to master? I guess you'll know soon enough... As for your potential new projects you have a lot to do! Busy busy! I'd love to do the swoon along but I have to be just won't happen. Sigh. I hope I can live vicariously through you if you do it???

Diane-crewe said...

wow! To be organised enough to PLAN what to blog about!! I admire anyone who can do this! I am looking forwards to reading about your atr projects xx

Janine said...

Your school stuff sounds really interesting, even if it's not quite what you expected. I'd love to catch up on it each week. Scheduling posts sounds like a good idea too. Sometimes I find it's difficult to blog regularly and I feel like I've disappeared!

Kelli said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy! Look forward to your future posts, and I love that mosaic, how cute are those pencil pouches in the middle!?

Krista said...

Trimming those DP blocks is definitely tedious. I tired of that quickly! I finally had to just work on that qa in little spurts throughout the day instead of long sit downs because I'd get frustrated after about 5 minutes at a time lol. Super cute anem banner, and I LOVE those pencil shaped pouches! Might have to give one of those a try.