Saturday, January 21, 2012

Studio Saturday

This is a bit late! I spent all day catching up on housework and finishing prepping fabrics for some projects. I did also finish something, but since it is a gift, I won't be sharing until after I give it to the recipient.

This week has been very busy and I didn't have time to photograph all of the work I completed for school. Today was dark, overcast, and terribly windy, so I will have to share some more next week. I do have a couple photos though so let's get on with it.

First up, the painting I posted a little teaser about. This was done quickly in class as just a warmup and is my favorite from the bunch we had to do this week. Chad loves it as well and asked if we could frame it.

Hammer Painting

From now on we are to only paint from life. I knew this was coming because I had this same instructor for a drawing class and the structure for this one is pretty much the same as for drawing. Some fellow students had a problem with this, and I was part of that group in the previous class, but I have to say that working from life versus a photo or imagination has greatly improved my skill and eye.

ETA: I forgot that I had not shared this other painting I did earlier in the week. This was quite the departure from my usual style and is hard to show the textures in a photograph. We were to use techniques that other students did for our first assignment so I collaged some paper prior to painting so there would be wrinkles and added text. The little chick is a part of our decor at home. Chad thought he needed more of a head, but I was painting him as is because he is so cute.


Assignment for next Tuesday is to do two more paintings, each of them taking an hour to do. I haven't started them but they are on my to do list for tomorrow.

For my sculpture class, I have my concept and model made. I'm terribly stuck on execution and what materials I will use.

Model for my sculpture

I do know my sculpture will be of an ant and the concept is of community. I brainstormed some ideas and wrote down what this theme means to me and then set it aside. I think it's time to revisit them tomorrow and see if anything clicks.

Finally, in photography we have been learning techniques. Our first project is to make cyanotypes and to print on whatever surface we want. I will be printing on fabric (surprise surprise!) and what that will turn in to I'm not sure. Here's an example of a cyanotype (named for the brilliant blue images).


Our assignment over the weekend is to create at least one negative to use for printing. This involves the much dreaded Photoshop and sitting at a computer for a period of time. It is fascinating to me though how these can be created just by printing an image onto plain copy paper and with the use of certain chemicals. I'm just itching to get past the computer part of this project.

That's all for today! I am going to try to post midweek some of the other paintings I did this past week. Tomorrow is all about homework, cooking and baking bread for the week, and sewing. Like I said at the beginning of this post I prepped fabrics for some projects. So far I have cut out the pieces for my mini Swoon, the Sparkle QAL, and have picked out my fabrics for the Made in Cherry QAL. I'm not cutting those until right before I sew because I scaled it down for the squares to finish at 1". Too many little pieces. I also want to quilt my Halloween mini tomorrow and maybe sew some more Drunkard's Path blocks. Oh, and there is football to watch of course.

I hope your weekend is finding you well!


Jenelle said...

It's great to also get to see what projects you've been working on outside of sewing. I miss being in art school and, strangely of all things, having deadlines to meet. I have several unfinished works that I need to get motivated on. :)

Janine said...

Love your paintings and I think you could make spectacular fabric with the cyanotypes. You seem to have a very full schedule at school but it all sounds really interesting.