Saturday, January 28, 2012

Studio Saturday

I don't have much to share visually as far as schoolwork goes. Maybe I should have saved some of the paintings from last weekend. Ah well. Here's my recap of my art classes this past week.

I took a sick day for painting, so I didn't do much during the week. I do have a painting to complete for Tuesday and also wood to buy to make stretchers for canvases. Chad is going to help me with picking out the wood and I haven't started my painting yet.

I have a great start to my sculpture that is due on Wednesday. I spent a few hours today cutting steel and welding. I'm using scraps that I found in our shop so it's definately a make-do project.

Start of an Ant

I need to weld on the legs still, which I may save for class on Monday. I'm pretty wore out after all that work. To finish it I will be adding toy cars and house images.

Here's my first cyanotype for my photography class.

Cyanotype Playing

It's a little creepy, I admit, but it is supposed to be an image of me as a child. I was playing around with toners and once it got bleached like this it wouldn't go back to dark. I do have five more hung up at school waiting to finish exposing tomorrow (they need ultra-violet light to work). I also spent last night sizing watercolor paper so I could use it. Sizing means to soak the paper in hot water that has gelatin in it. The gelatin adheres to the paper making it easier to use. The cyanotype solution soaks in a bit too much with watercolor paper and that's what I want to use for the final project. I have been pulling my idea together but do have this whole week to work on it. I will share more about it as I start working on that part. For now, I'm just playing. And we do have to turn in examples of the techniques to show that we know what we are doing.

So that's all for now. I plan on doing minimal school work tomorrow and use Sunday as a day to take care of myself (and work on personal projects). In addition to the above, I have a take home test to do and a quiz for an online class. Nothing too big for this weekend thankfully. I'm pretty behind on reading blog posts so I may take some time tomorrow to catch up. I miss seeing what you all are up to.

I do have a finish to share tomorrow. I hope your weekend is going well! See you tomorrow.


Cindy said...

I love the way your sculpture sounds....a little bit Calvin & Hobbs.

Janine said...

Looking forward to seeing how your sculpture progresses and the cyanotype work is really interesting. It sounds like it involves some trial and error until you get familiar with it.