Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer of Color: Week 3

Once the colors were annouced for this week I knew exactly what I wanted to create. Purple and green just brought to mind eggplant and so all I needed was the time to bring my vision to life.

Summer of Color: Week 3

Charcoal is my favorite drawing material and had to make an appearance. I also used watercolor, water soluble crayons, and colored pencils. This week was a lot of fun and I'm eager to see what the colors will be for next week!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Summer of Color: Week 2

Sorry for the radio silence this week. I am working very hard to finish my June project for Camp Loopy and nearly all of my free time is devoted to it. I'm still not certain I will finish by the end of the month as the rows are veeeery long now.

I did take a break during the week to play with the colors for this week. The winning combo was orange and hot pink. Totally not anything I would normally pair together, but since that is the idea here, I ran with it. Again, going in without a plan seems to have worked. I gathered up all of my orange and pink art supplies and just played. The hot pink paint was mixed by me as I don't keep anything like that around. I did happen to have some washi tape though, so of course I had to throw it in.

Summer of Color: Week 2

As an aside, I am only allowing myself the addition of any of anything on the gray scale (that would be white to black, and anything in between).

This little bit of play has a very graffiti-like quality to it. Again, not a style that I like to produce, though I do admire it when others do it.

Not sure if I could do this all the time, but I did have similar results in a play piece I did for an art class. I don't think I have shared that one here.

Linking up at Twinkle, Twinkle. I'm going back to knitting and should find some time before the end of the month to take photos of my Finish-a-Long FOs...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Summer of Color: Week 1

I stumbled upon The Summer of Color a little over a week ago. I intended to share about it here, just in case there were others who didn't know, but time got away from me. In the link up this week, it seems to be paint heavy, but a person could link up a fiber related project that uses the colors for that week.

Summer of Color: Week 1

The timing of finding this was perfect. It's been too long since I have sat down with my art supplies and I will be using this link up as a push to get back to them. The colors this week were cirton green and turquoise. I grabbed my favorite watercolor set and some paper and just put color down. I didn't have a plan and in the end, decided to journal a bit over it. I'm not entirely happy with it but it's a start.

In other news, my new obsession is to perfect the art of taking photographs in that glow that comes with sunset. My model wasn't very cooperative today so I only managed the one. He was more interested in getting Angus to chase him around the yard.

Jay at Sunset

I still have so much to share with you and will have more after next weekend. I will be going on a bit of a road trip to Chad's hometown and my trusty camera will be coming along for the ride.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mad May Recap

If someone had told me I could finish 16 knits in one month, I would have laughed hysterically. Granted, one was nearly finished already (and was the only non-Tosh project) but that is still a lot for me.

I will be sharing more about these as I take modeled FO photos but here is a photograph of the Madelinetosh projects piled up. In this pile are seven hats, five cowls, one shawl, one pair of mittens, and a pair of boot cuffs.

Mad May FOs

The other project I finished is the Canyonlands shawl. I still need to block it and then I will do my FO post. This was on my FAL list and felt really good to get off the needles.

Canyonlands FO

In addition to the projects I finished, I did also add five projects to my WIP pile. There is the start of two sweaters, two cowls, and a shawl here. I'm hoping to finish some of them this month as my yarn WIPs has grown to 18 now.

New WIPs from May

Now hopefully the rain will subside so I can take FO photos and share them with you. My pile is turning into a leaning tower and really needs to be addressed post haste.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some Business and Some Cuteness

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While I finally get around to exploring other blog reader options, I'm starting with claiming my blog on Bloglovin. Have you settled on a new reader?

I also realized it's been a very long time since I've shared a photo of the cutest dogs in my neighborhood (not that I'm biased or anything). Angus has since been groomed so please excuse his shagginess here.

My Boys <3

To Do First: June

I'm back! Now that my obsession that is Mad May is over, I want to spend more time in this space. Not only do I have lots of projects to blog about, I have even more planned for the future. To start off, I'm going to share my list for this month. June is going to be mostly about finishing up WIPs and to make this short, I will only list those projects that I'm going to concentrate on the most.


1. Language of Roses - Camp Loopy has started as of today and this going to be my first project. We are to make a single skein (lace or fingering weight) project that has to be at least 375 yards. The only catch is the yarn base has to be one you've never used. I'm knitting this with Madelinetosh Prairie in the Afternoon colorway. I've already completed the first chart and hope to make it through the second over the weekend.

Language of Roses WIP

2. Pull Me Over - a sweater I started in May. I didn't make much progress but this one should be a quick finish once I get back to it.

3. Love Letters - this is my first pair of socks. I have one done and have the cuff of the second done. Another one that should fly once I start it again.

4. Temptress - a laceweight shawl with beads that was a mystery KAL from earlier this year.

5. Sourwood Mountain - mitts that I started last year (!) and really want to crank out. This is on my FAL list for this quarter as well.

6. Ranrike - my oldest knit WIP and one that I would love to get off the books.

7. Gemini - another sweater, this one started in April. I'm almost to the sleeve split and I think this should be quick to finish as well.

8. Driftwood - a shawl from last year that is also on my FAL list.

9. Hitchhiker - another WIP from Mad May. This was my project for lunch breaks at work and may continue to be so.


1. Road to Round Rock quilt - my goal is to finish the top this month. It will be wonderful to get back to sewing this month.

2. Art quilt - this one has been in my sketchbook from the beginning of the year. I want to keep it under wraps until I start experimenting but will share my progress as I go along.

3. Handstitched mini - another FAL project.

4. Sugar Block Club - I'm behind on the monthly blocks but should be able to crank these out quickly.

5. Forest QAL - I really want to submit my intended project to the link up. Sewing one or two of these blocks a week should get me there.

6. Notebook cover - this involves turning a piece of embroidery into a sewn item.


1. Woodland Sampler - I have April to finish as well as May and June to start.

2. Garden Tote - once I finish the embroidery this can move to the sewing list.

3. Nesting Place - an old WIP that deserves to be finished (also a FAL project).

4. Dessert of the Month - last's years monthly cross stitch from The Frosted Pumpkin that I haven't started yet.

I also need to organize my studio space this month and have some other art ideas that are screaming to become reality.

Tomorrow I will share a little bit about the craziness that was Mad May for me. See you then!