Thursday, January 26, 2012

TTT: All Over the Place

Today, I have nothing visual to share. I did sneak in some sewing this morning but not enough time to finish anything. Tomorrow is another day for that.

Instead, I have some things to write about. Thank you all for your well wishes on me feeling better. I'm not sick, per se, but very tired and overwhelmed with everything going on. It's causing me to be pretty scatterbrained and I have had a pretty steady headache this week. My remedy is to prioritize everything and maybe ignore those things are not important. So that means schoolwork, work, household duties, swaps, and then everything else. Needless to say, the project on my sewing machine is part of the everything else category but it was the easiest to work on in the time I had earlier.

Another thing on my mind are the concepts of perception, perspective, and persuasion. I pride myself on trusting my gut most of the time but recently allowed my perception of a situation to be influenced by others. Even though this went against my gut feeling, the facts presented were pretty believeable and I had no reason to think these people I trusted would lead me astray. I have now come to find out that I did really know only half the story and that I was right all along. This all was concerning a person at work who has now quit. I do not blame him one bit and was one of the few who didn't rejoyce in his leaving. I am regretful that I can't remedy this in my soul though. Lesson learned to always listen to my gut instead of most of the time.

I'm finding myself moving away from reading some of the more popular blogs that host giveaways all the time. It's great for that blogger to get all that traffic, but I know that I wouldn't be satisfied only having people come here to get something free. I really do appreciate all of you who take the time to read what I have to say, whether you comment or not. This isn't to say that I won't have a giveaway or anything from time to time, but I'm talking about those blogs that have them every week if not more often.

It is ridiculously beautiful outside today and I am stuck inside most of the day. It is 35 degrees F and after the past week of below zero temps, it is weather that you don't need a jacket or sweater for. I love any day that I don't need to have lots of layers on.

With that note, I have to run off to class! Be sure to go over to Making Rebecca Lynne to see what is on her mind and the minds of others. Thank you, Becca, for hosting the Thursday Think Tank every week!

Thursday Think Tank


Toni said...

Hope the prioritization helped and you are feeling better soon! I completely agree with you on the blog thing. I've found myself continually pressing the "next" button several times this week to ensure that my very limited time on here is spent with people I really want to connect with and not buying into the hype. You make me laugh saying you don't need a jacket for 35 degrees. It was about 38 here today and I was still bundled up!

Kelli said...

I imagine if you had frequent below zero temps, 35 would feel downright balmy. I would still be bundled up like an eskimo, though. :o) Sorry about your situation at work. I have also had times of getting caught up in the drama and regretting it later. I think it happens to everyone so don't be too hard on yourself! Life is one big learning curve. Hope you're starting to feel better! :o) xo

Janine said...

It feels horrible when you find you've made a misjudgement but you seem to have found the solution. Hope you are taking care of yourself and feeling better.

I agree with you about some of the big blogs. I think they are really more about marketing fabrics than anything. Also, I much prefer to give things to people I feel I know than someone who makes a one off visit just for a giveaway :)