Thursday, January 5, 2012

TTT: Picking a Pattern

One reason why I shouldn't be allowed to buy new fabrics or yarns is because I immediately want to use them. This wouldn't be an issue if I also didn't abandon the other projects I have going on. So it is taking all of my will to not cast on both of the new yarns that I bought.

Yarn stashing

Both are deliciously soft and if I could manage, I would wrap the silk/camel blend around me to wear always. I forgot to mention yesterday, but my local yarn shop also carries a buffalo down blend that almost made it's way home with me. However, the over $50 price tag kept it in the store. For now.

I know I want to make a hat with the Madelinetosh. The Marrakesh is where I'm not sure. I haven't worked with lace weight yarn before. So I spent some time searching on Ravelry to see what other people have made with both of these yarns.

It didn't help me decided yet, but I thought I would share with you the possible patterns I may use. I do intend to knit or crochet these up in the coming months.

First, the Madelinetosh...

Crooked Paths hat. Image source.

Lush Leaves hat

Lace Leaf hat. Image source.

Rosebud hat. Image source.

Sourwood Mountain gloves. Image source. I am thinking about going back to get a second skein just so I can make these to match whichever hat I choose.

And now my beloved silk and camel...

CashSilk Fern Scarf

Fern scarf. Image source.

Indian Feathers shawl. Image source.

Sezession I shawl. Image source. This one is standing out as the frontrunner.

Any of them stand out for you?

Linking up to Making Rebecca Lynne for her Thursday Think Tank. Hopefully I will have a finished item to share with you tomorrow.


Pam said...

For the thicker wool, I love that Rosebud hat with the cable stitch. For the fine yarn, the Indian Feathers shawl looks interesting, but I'd need it longer. Decision, decisions.... fun and more fun.

Rachel Hauser said...

Oh, those are hard to choose! I do the same thing with fabric. I'm thinking of making a particular quilt stat, just because I got some Modern Whimsy.

Rebecca Lynne said...

Mmmm Rosebud Hat. LOVE IT!!!