Saturday, March 31, 2012

Studio Saturday

As I briefly mentioned in my FAL post earlier, I'm feeling a little down. I don't want to go into details because it's mostly work related, but it affecting my mood and motivation. That includes the projects I have to do this weekend for school, so I will be working on them all day Sunday.

First up is my photography project. Portraits is the theme and she wanted us to print them onto a material other than paper/photo paper. I chose to do self portraits that included Jameson and Angus, and then printed them onto fabric.

This is what they look like now. I have some finishing to do with them, obviously. I will be sewing them to a duck cloth backing and then edging them with eyelet trim that I tea dyed today. I also need to go pick up some grommets so that I can link them together.

Self Portraits

The photos aren't as exact in lining up as I would have liked, but it still works. Someone in my class thought I took one photograph and then just split it in two on the computer. It is actually two seperate images though.

In sculpture, we are still working on sculpting the nothing. I honestly haven't even started creating my sculpture, though I do know what I am going to do finally. I was having a hard time taking my idea from something literal to beyond that. Nothing to show here though, so look for it next week. This is due on Wednesday so I will be starting it asap.

In painting, we painted a self-portrait and then worked on painting the figure. I don't like the paintings I did at all, and most are still at school, so I'm not going to show those. We are supposed to paint another portrait painting, using the painting studio at school. I prefer to work at home though, so I have been putting this off. Tomorrow I need to go there to recover a large frame for our next painting, so I will be taking my camera with so I can shoot photographs of myself in the room and then use those to paint from. I'm toying with taking painting away from actual paint and instead, thread painting with my sewing machine.

The large canvas is going to be used to create a painting about a current issue. We had to go around the group naming current issues as ideas, but I was a little stumped and didn't even know what most people were talking about. Due to my schedule, I don't pay attention to the news at all and if I know what is going on, it's because I hear something on the radio or at work, or Chad tells me about it.

The issue I named in class was with the oil boom going on in North Dakota. Thinking about it though, I'm not sure how to paint that, so luckily the lottery was a topic that has been brought up a lot lately by people around me. Mostly in the sense of, "This is going to be the last time you talk to me because I have the winning ticket". I just laughed because everyone at work was saying the same thing. I told one person that we (ie Chad) buy lottery tickets, but that's our Plan B. They responded, dumbfounded, wondering what our Plan A was. Of course, for us, Plan A is to work, earn money to pay our bills and move towards our dream, living below our means. Plan B would get us there faster, but Plan A will do the same eventually. That person laughed at me and said the lottery was their Plan A. Thus sprung up imagery for me to use. I was a little worried I would show up to class on Tuesday without an idea, and then spend the entire class time overthinking or forcing something that wasn't there for me.

So, that's all I have to sum up this week. I'm going to get to work on this list, and then spend some down time catching up with my blog reading and email. Hope your weekend is treating you well!

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Pam said...

Look forward to seeing the portraits finished, Katie.