Saturday, March 17, 2012

On Pinterest, Flickr, and Inspiration

I personally don't use Pinterest and never will. I see the draw to the site, but I already have a great way of keeping track of my online life that doesn't place it in the hands of someone else. Even though I don't pin, I don't want to deter others from pinning my images. However, it needs to be done in the right way. I know that there are images of mine that have been pinned but I was not asked and not even a comment was left saying so.

The same thing can be said about Flickr. I am an active user of that site and use it to host most of my images that I post here. I'm guilty of not always commenting on photos that I favorite either, but have been trying to make a better effort to do so.

With both sites, there is the possibility to claim an image as your own. I really do want to prevent that with images that I would be upset over someone doing so. Earlier today, you may have noticed watermarks on some of my photos. I decided that the images I post (that are mine, of course) that I do not want stolen will have a watermark from now on. I will be placing it on the image in a way to not deter too much from what I am sharing, but it will be over the subject so that someone couldn't just crop out my name.

I also am going to follow suit with the ladies over at Clover and Violet and publically proclaim that my blog is Pinterest friendly. I will be placing the button that Jennie and Clara created over on the side. I do ask the following things however:

1. Please do not pin any personal photographs from my blog. This includes the photos I post of myself, my boyfriend, or my dogs.
2. I would love it if you would leave a comment letting me know you're pinning something of mine! I don't necessarily need to grant permission every time, so a comment would be great.
3. Link each image back to its proper post.

Until the day comes where everyone is honest and respectful, this is my way of protecting myself and my creative output. I hope you understand and have a great day!


Follow Me Home said...

I agree with one day wanting the honesty. I "pin" but I do so for my own inspiration. I kind of don't want people following me because of just wanting the privacy of having my inspiration boards for my eyes only but that is not how Pinterest works. My daughter told me that there is some potential copyright issues for those of us who pins but not for Pinterest themselves. I've been thinking about getting off Pinterest but love the tutorials. Very mixed feelings right now.

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

I know Kate, I well understand where you are coming from. I need to do the same.

I don't put any personal photos of myself. I just a little bit nervous of the access the world has.

Great idea though.

Ricochet said... is like pinterest, but you control who sees your stuff. I love it. That said, I'm a pinterest junkie. I love it too. You're the first person I've come across to show concern about people not notifying you of pinning from your blog. I hope your pinterest badge and your rules work out for you. Have a great wknd!