Thursday, March 8, 2012

TTT: On Deck for the Next Ten Days

Whew. My spring break officially started a few hours ago. I did some errands and have been relaxing at home so far. I also made a list to serve as a guideline for projects I need to do and also want to do. I'm kicking it all off tomorrow by spending the day sewing for myself (and a swap partner). Too bad it can't be the whole day as I still have to work, ha!

School Projects:

1. Master copy: We've had a month to work on this but I haven't even started. I honestly don't think most of my classmates have either, so I'm not alone. I was set on painting The Lost Jockey by Rene Magritte until earlier today when I was searching for the image again and found another painting of his that I would love to do. The other one is called The Cut-glass Bath. Both are painted on paper and after searching a couple stores today, I didn't find a large enough sheet to do the first. One stipulation for this project is that the size has to be exactly the same. Same with the materials used and techniques. I have one more store I can go to in town and if they don't have the paper I need, I will be painting the second one. Oh, darn.

The Lost Jockey Source.

The Cut-glass Bath Source.

2. Create a postcard and mail to instructor: He gave us this assignment today. We can make them out of anything so I will be taking mine to my sewing machine. I already have an idea of what I want to do, so here's hoping it works out the first time.
3. Finish up my sketchbook pages: We have to have at least 50 completed when we return and I don't have that many yet. No biggie though.
4. Type up reactions to lectures by some visiting artists and a museum visit: We have to have five papers written and so far, I have two that I can type up and I plan on visiting a museum next week. Each exhibit can be for a paper and this museum usually has three running at a time. If so, I could get this done in one shot.
5. Restretch 30"x40" frame and gesso: I was gifted with an old painting and since we need one this large after break, I plan on prepping it while I know I have time.

1. Flesh out my idea for our next project, "Sculpting the Nothing": I will explain this more in my weekly post as I had a breakthrough on the idea behind this and have been brainstorming like mad.
2. Make up a model of my sculpture and possibly start: I bought some materials today that I would need if I go through with my initial ideas. If I don't use them, I can find another use too.

1. Prep alternative materials to be printed on: We are printing on fabric, plastic, wood veneer, sheet metal, etc right now and she wants us to be ready to go when we return.
2. Decide on project direction: We are doing portraits of someone we know well next, but can't use our significant other as the subject. That puts me in a bind of sorts since Chad is probably the most available to me. We can do self-portraits though so that's what I will be doing. She told me she thinks it will be more challenging but hey, I've done it successfully before with my SLR camera so I'm not afraid of a challenge. I am going to do test shots with my digital first and then decide if I'm going to go with color film (have someone else process them) or black & white (I will process them). I'm leaning towards b&w because I will have ultimate control over the images.

Online Class:
1. Quiz
2. Start next written assignment: This class is on global dress (more scientific rather than fashion) and her assignments can be challenging. I am going to try to start this early so I can be happy with what I turn in.

Personal Projects

1. FTLOS Swap items
2. Mini QT Swap quilt
3. Snail pouch: something new that I have been sketching up.
4. DP quilt top
5. Project Quilting challenge for this week (and maybe the other ones I didn't finish yet)
6. Cathedral Windows apron
7. 1912 Project pattern for February
8. Color Challenge mini for March

Embroidery/Hand Work/Knitting:
1. Sewing Machine Cover
2. Nesting Place needlebook
3. Finish Garter Stitch scarf
4. At least one embroidered towel
5. Dessert of the Month Club: I have the materials now for March so I could do all three months now.

1. Watch videos and do projects from an online creativity class I have been taking: I'm behind and the classroom closes at the end of the month.
2. Projects from Curves Class
3. Start the art journaling online class I signed up for (classroom is open for a year, so I do have time)
4. Organize my new sewing room and storage for supplies (need shelves built first)

I'm also planning on doing a good deep clean of the house since spring seems to be arriving here. That also means it's time for me to go through my closet and possibly get rid of clothing I don't want anymore. I usually do that a few times a year.

Ambitious? Of course. :)

Since I don't plan on turning my computer on tomorrow at all, I'm going to do my best to get caught up with your blog posts and respond to emails tonight after work. Check out Making Rebecca Lynne for other Thursday Think Tank posts and see you Saturday!

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Pam said...

You are going to be busy, Katie!!! Take some time to relax during your break, although you probably find you are relaxing while creating...