Thursday, March 15, 2012

TTT: Completely Random Thoughts

I love Thursdays for so many reasons. First of all, it's the home stretch into the weekend, and while this weekend is going to be full of the schoolwork I haven't been doing all week, it's still time to relax. Second, it's Thursday Think Tank at Making Rebecca Lynne and that means I can ramble on about whatever is on my mind (not that I couldn't anyway, but it's more fun to do with others). Lastly, it means that I get paid tomorrow and every Friday.

Today is the mailing deadline for the FTLOS Swap and mail away I did. I only have a sneak peek at it until I know my partner has received the items. My partner was on the quiet side and so I only had the mosiac and survey to go off of. I hope it's well received.

FTLOS Sneak Peek

Since most of our snow is gone thanks to rain early in the week, I'm starting to think about my garden. It's too early to plant but I can still plan what I want to do. I think I planted it late May/early June last year. If the temperature stays warm (I'm still not counting out more snow), I'm hoping to get seeds in the ground in early May. I went a little overboard with the space I have available so I'm going to show a little restraint this year. I also didn't get to plant any tomatoes so those will be a priority.

I've been taking some online classes held by various artists and a quilter to learn some new techniques. Thus far, I've only been disappointed in one of them. Not that I didn't learn anything, but it wasn't what I expected.

I highly recommend Rachel's Curves Class and she has mentioned she may run it again. If you are familiar with her blog, then you have an idea of how she lays out instruction. I haven't had a chance to make anything yet, but do have templates and materials at the ready for a few of them.

In the realm of art, I have access to a few classes from Christy Tomlinson. Two of them were created by her and the third is a joint effort between her and another artist (and sheep lover!), Junelle Jacobsen. The latter just started this week and I have only had time to watch the introductory videos, but so far, very pleased. Access to Christy's classes lasts for a year, so I have plenty of time to soak up the information presented.

I've posted a bit about the Nesting Place class being ran by Mary Corbet. She isn't running this one again because one of the fabrics used in the needlebook is vintage (read: all gone!), but if you are interested in embroidery, do check out her blog. She is stitching up an amazing piece right now that is making me want to try out goldwork. If she offers another class, I would consider taking it, depending on what it is of course.

The last class I'm signed up for doesn't start until May 1st. It's being put on by Karen Ruane and is on embroidery. I am looking forward to this one and the timing is such that this semester will be ending soon after.

There are others out there too that I have my eye on. I want to take a few more of Christy's and the artist, Alisa Burke, has a slew of classes that are catching my eye. Alisa mixes sewing with her painting, so that may be of interest to some of you wanting to take sewing beyond the norm. Have you ever taken an online class?

Finally, I thought it would be fun to check in on the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the year. I was thinking of doing this at the end of the month, but there will be the FAL update to do, as well as Fresh Sewing Day. We're roughly through 20% of the year anyway, so why put it off, right?

1. Cut back on fabric buying. Fail. This is changing right now though and I'm not allowing myself to buy any more for the rest of the month to start this off again. In fact, I'm only letting myself buy things that are needed for my classes.

2. Experiment with dyeing and printing. I haven't even had time to think about doing this seriously yet. Summer will be the right time though.

3. Make art quilts. I have one in the works with others to come from the pages of my sketchbook.

4. Learn new knitting techniques. I haven't thought about this one either.

5. Transfer photographs to fabric and take it to my sewing machine. Well, I've been transferring photos to other surfaces... I actually do have it in mind to give this a whirl this month.

6. Make more clothing. So far, I've only made clothing for Chad. That counts, right?

7. Start sketching daily. Not daily, but I do sketch often.

8. Start selling patterns/things I have made. No time to even think about this right now.

9. Start weaving. Not yet.

10. Learn something from my crafty bucket list. I am thinking paper cutting is going to be first as soon as I get some things in the mail.

Ok, that was kind of depressing, actually. How are you doing on your goals for the year?

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Janine said...

I really admire your commitment and dedication to learning all these things. In my heart I want to join in all these classes etc too but my head tells me not to take on so much...I really respect your dedication though and I wish you luck and time with it all x