Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little WIP and A Little Mail Loveliness

With the end of the month approaching, I have a couple deadlines for some swaps and other things. One that I was going back and forth about what to do was for the Wild Olive Swap. We are stitching up a 4" hoop filled with whatever our secret partner suggested. My partner didn't give me much to go on - just colors she likes - so I wasn't sure of what I would stitch.

I finally settled on this vintage transfer of a teapot. As you can see, I'm almost done with the stitching, and then just have to finish it so it can be hung. I should be done with it tomorrow. I still want to pick up a couple little things to include and then it can go into the mail!

Wild Olive Swap WIP

Speaking of mail, I received a beautiful mug rug from Krista yesterday. She offered it up to the first person to claim it, after getting a little something in the mail from another blogger. I think it's too nice to get messy, so I will be hanging it up on the wall.

Mug Rug in the Mail

Though not a requirement of receiving this, I like the spirit of passing something pretty on. Look for that from me in the near future (I can't promise any certain date right now!).

I've put off my paper long enough so now I need to run off to work. See you tomorrow for an update on my WIP list!


Toni said...

Your hoop is looking cute! And that mug run is cool, too. I like that reddish fabric that is in it. Very fun getting cute stuff in the mail from blogging friends!

Sana Saroti said...

Great stitching! Love the flower on the tea pot.