Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day and To Do First

I posted a lot in March but didn't seem to get much done in my sewing room. Schoolwork, yes, and definately thinking of projects. It's time to sum up my month for Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts and also evaluate my To Do list, as well as create a new one for April, at Lawson and Lottie.

First off, here's my sewing output for March.

Fresh Sewing Day: March

Next, here's my To Do list from March.

Must Do:

1. Finish Sparkle mini - I have touched this only to move it. I still am at the place where I need to redo a couple sides on one of the sparkles and then finish sewing together the top. Pretty simple, no?

2. Finish Garter Stitch scarf - some knitting has been done, just not enough to finish it.

3. Make my sewing machine cover - hexies have been attached, but I just haven't had much time to sit and sew them.

4. Finish at least one embroidered towel - ha ha ha.

5. Finish my Drunkard's Path quilt top - another project that has just moved from place to place.

6. February pattern for the 1912 Project - this is sitting on my ironing board. Still.

7. Cathedral Window apron - ditto.

8. Nesting Place needlebook - sigh... I still haven't stitched much on this.

9. For the Love of Solids swap items - Done! Photo of what I sent my partner is in the above mosaic.

10. Mini QT Swap quilt - done but haven't mailed yet. Deadline was the 31st, but I couldn't get to the post office to send it. It will go out Monday and once it is received, I will show you what I made.

11. Typography challenge - I didn't get this one going at all, so I am out of the voting. I will still finish it though as I love my idea.

12. Tangerine Tango challenge - this is still where it was at the beginning of the month. It's on my ironing board too.

Might Do:

1. Dessert of the Month Club - I haven't done anything but buy supplies for this one yet. I'm not in a rush, but I would love to keep up with it each month.

2. Embroidery Journal project - I finally got one of the books I wanted to use for this. The other is on back order, but I should be able to get a start with what I have. I already have on hand the materials for each month through April, possibly May.

3. Hand Pieced QAL - I did sew up the first block for this. I think week 10 was the last one posted, so there is some catch up to do. I did love making this by hand.

4. Something for the Scrap Attack that is going on at Stitched in Color - this event is over and I never got to this. This one will just be dropping off my list. Oh well.

Well, that was kind of depressing. I love making lists but also love crossing things off of them. Here's my list for April. I'm hoping to see more things fall off this month. Most of it will be the same from March.

Must Do:

1. Finish Sparkle mini - seriously need this one done. I want it to be our table topper for spring and until it's done, our kitchen table still thinks it is Christmas.

2. Make my sewing machine cover - slow and steady could make this one happen.

3. Finish at least one embroidered towel - I may as well start calling this one a 1st anniversary gift instead of a late wedding present at this point.

4. Finish my Drunkard's Path quilt top - this is a FAL project that will continue into the 2nd quarter. If I can do the top this month, then I can work up to finishing it by June 30th.

5. February pattern for the 1912 Project - I'm behind the pace, but haven't received my March pattern yet. The project has more participants than expected, so I'm being patient.

6. Cathedral Window apron - not only is this is project for a challenge in Febrary, I would love to have another apron to use. My only apron is Christmas themed.

7. Nesting Place needlebook - I would like to at least finish the embroidery work this month. The finishing would be icing on the cake.

8. Hand Pieced QAL - I loved making the first block and would like to catch up with the rest of the blocks that have been posted.

9. Projects from Curves Class - the class blog closes at the end of the month and I would like to make the projects I want to before that happens.

10. Pretty Little Pouch Swap - the mailing deadline is in April so this one has to get done. I need to do some stalking first.

Might Do:

1. Finish Garter Stitch scarf - this is falling into this category this month. It is going to be on my second quarter list for the FAL, but I have three months for that. Besides, with the warmer weather, I'm not in a rush to knit a winter scarf. But I'm still not letting myself start another knitting project until this one comes off the needles.

2. Typography Challenge - with the deadline gone, there isn't any pressure to get it finished. I would like to still do it this month if I can.

3. Tangerine Tango Challenge - ditto.

4. Dessert of the Month Club - just to prep my linen would be great.

5. Embroidery Journal Project - this has no pressure but I don't want to get too far behind.

Another ambitious list considering schoolwork and my job, but this focus should help me.

What do you have planned for April?


Pam said...

I've given up on To Do lists for now, as they were stressing me and making me feel I had to do things. Mind you, I'm not studying as you are. You've done a lot during March. The more I think about it, I'm looking forward to your postcard swap. I have a few ideas, so hope I'm somewhere near the mark.

Celtic Thistle said...

That's a list and a half! Good luck with your projects.

Heidi Staples said...

You're one busy lady! I love the fabrics in the top left of your mosaic and the mission quilt as well. Nice job!

Carla said...

It looks like you are going to be busy busy busy. Have fun!

Sana Saroti said...

Hey Katie, please be proud of every little finish and dont stress yourself out! Sewing is something you love to do and it should stay like that. I think I only finished one thing. I have to combine February and March and I still will have accomplished less than you ;-)

Beth said...

Stopping by via Lily's Quilts. I'm impressed with your to do list!

Cindy said...

Taking each day one at a time. Going to enjoy each step along the way.

strandkorbtraum said...

Now that is an impressive list. I hope for you that this year April will suddenly have 54 days.
Good Luck with all the projects!

Katie said...

You've been busy! I like that handpieced block. I wish I'd joined in the QAL!