Saturday, March 31, 2012

FAL Quarter 1 Recap

End of the first quarter already? I still love the idea of Rhonda's Finish-a-Long, but I should have know better than to think I could finish five things on top of everything else. I did get one out of five done, so at least there's that.

(I'm a little down today because of all of my obligations. My part time job suddenly turned into full time hours this week, so put that with my full time classes and the three studio projects I need done early next week, I'm a bit overwhelmed.)

My goals for this quarter were to complete the following:

1. Garter Stitch scarf - still a WIP. Can I blame my lack of motivation on our unseasonably warm winter? Going on to the list for next quarter.

2. Halloween Mini - DONE!

Halloween Mini

3. Sewing Machine Cover - I have been plugging away on this one, but I still have a way to go. Going on the list for next quarter.

4. Late (very late) Wedding Present - this hasn't been touched for awhile. Going on the list for next quarter.

5. Drunkard's Path Quilt - honestly, I think the only times I've even touched this is to move it around my sewing room. Yes, I'm hanging my head in shame. Going on the list for next quarter.

My idea for this year was to have five WIPs to tackle and optimistically, finishing all five. Well I have four already and so just one spot. But I also thought I was going to finish one of the three larger quilts on my WIP list each quarter. That didn't happen, so do I add a second quilt and try to make both of them, or do I skip this quarter and hope to finish them all by the end of the year anyway? I don't expect answers for you guys, just putting out the questions running through my head right now. Good thing I have a week to decide on this.

I'm double posting today, so I will be back shortly with my studio update.

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