Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Pouch Received!

I came home to the best surprise after a long day in class. In my mailbox was a package from the UK. Even if my partner hadn't put "Mouthy Stitches" on the outside, I knew what was in there. I just didn't know which one was in there.

Like the others in this swap, I loved so many of the pouches that were being made. But there were only a couple that I knew were me. So upon ripping open the packaging, I was so delighted to see this inside.

MS Pouch and Scraps

When Helen posted her in process photos of the Scottie pouch, I was excited and loving it. And top it off with the hand stitched outline and the clever use of a polka dot for the eye.. I really was mostly speechless in responding to the initial photos. And just look at the scraps she included. Another Scottie, some London themed, western themed, and lots of other pretty bits. She definately did her homework on me.

Here's the back of the pouch. Just perfect.

MS Pouch Back

I tried to get a photograph of Angus and the pouch, but I got a lot of this.

MS Pouch

And this.

MS Pouch

A little sniff.

MS Pouch

I even held it out to him but I just didn't have his full attention. (Although, he did try to snatch up the scraps of fabric.)

MS Pouch

All because of Jameson pitching a fit. You see, Jameson doesn't like it much when someone pays more attention to Angus over him. He barks and jumps around, trying to get Angus to chase him to remedy the lack of attention.

MS Pouch

It didn't work, so Jameson starting barking at me. (Just look at that face! Even when he's being a brat, he is so adorable.)


He turned away, so I promised to make a Boston terrier pouch to go with the Scottie.




So, thank you again, Helen! I want to carry my new pouch around with me everywhere and cannot wait to use the scraps. Also, thank you to the masterminds behind the Mouthy Stitches swap. I had a blast with this and cannot wait to play along in the next round.

Be back tomorrow with my WIP update!


helenjanei said...

I'm so glad you liked it! It was quite clearly for you from the start (after a bit of staking!) was quite worried you might rumble me... Scraps were pure luck as I found them the day before and there was a Scottie dog looking up at me! Oh and the polka dot eye? Absolute fluke, not at all intended, and there it was staring at me! Thanks for being a super chatty partner, made my job so much easier. X

Toni said...

What a fun pouch! Somehow I totally missed that in the pool. Sounds like she did an excellent job designing just for you!

Sana Saroti said...

That pouch is so you! It's cute and I really like the first pic with Angus!