Monday, March 12, 2012

And We Have Rain!

It doesn't make for great photos, but I sure am happy to see rain. It's yet another sign of spring arriving that makes my heart sing.

Yesterday, I took my dogs out for a long walk. I start to get restless this time of year (and really can't wait to get my bike out of storage once all of the ice and snow is gone) and just need to move. While walking, I heard the welcome honking of geese returning from the south. We may still get another snowfall or two, but at least the geese are flying back.

It was in the 40's over the weekend, so Chad and I took the opportunity to open the doors and windows to get fresh air inside. Yes, that may sound cold to some of you, but after a winter with temps hovering around zero degrees, a 40 degree day is refreshing. I also was running my errands wearing a short sleeve shirt and with my car window down.

These past few days I've been trying to listen to my heart and meditate on what it's telling me. I sense a change in direction in my life, but one that won't cause too many drastic changes. I'm feeling the urge to spend more time outside, away from any electronic device, gathering knowledge and inspiration. So I've decided with the spring equinox upon us next week, I will be starting a long personal project of documentation. I may share it here, or I may not, but I'm sure parts of it will come through in what I create.

I've been working on some of my to do list for spring break, but not as much as I thought. Since it's too yucky to take photos today, I will share those things tomorrow, unless the rain continues.


Kelli said...

Your project sounds interesting. :) It's always good to be outside with nature! Zero makes 40 sound absolutely balmy.. brr.

Janine said...

That's all sounding wonderful - Happy Spring!

Pam said...

40ºF = 4.5ºC .. I'd be rugged up with at least 4 layers!!! 0ºF = -17ºC... can't begin to imagine it that cold!!!
Lovely picture in my head of the geese flying overhead. Enjoy your warm weather!!! Agree with you totally... It's great to be outside. I try to garden for at least part of each day.