Saturday, March 24, 2012

FTLOS: Partner Received!

Finally, my partner has received her items! The package sat in the post office in her city for a week before getting to her. Long story, but it has to do with the mail forwarding process. I'm just relieved it got there as I've been driving myself crazy checking the mail at my house for it.

Since she has what I made, I can now share photos with you. My partner was Whitney who made a mosiac of many modern items. There was a lot of improv piecing so I dived in to give that a try. She asked for a sewing machine cover as one of her items and that's what I went with. Also, her color inspiration came from Kate Spain's 'Fandango' which is where I started.

FTLOS Swap Items Sent

Here's the cover. I opted to make one with ties and wanted to personalize it. I improv pieced strips of three colors: greens, blues, and yellows. To make her name, I did reverse applique. It was quite the process and worked out in the end. I wasn't sure about it until I zigzagged around each letter and then added the hand stitches. The quilting is organic straight lines. I thought that went more with the improv idea rather than total straight quilting.

Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing Machine Cover

Close up of Reverse Applique

Sewing Machine Cover

As for the small item, I used some of the improv pieced strip to make a pouch. I don't recall how big it was now, somewhere around 9" at the longest edge I think.



I also included two fat quarters of peacock fabric since her blog title has peacock in it and at the time of making, her Flickr picture was a peacock feather.

Fat Quarters

Now as for those squares I shared on Friday? They are finally sewn together and I'm contemplating how to quilt them. I will be finishing this up before I go to bed so I can meet the noon deadline tomorrow. Back then to show you the final result!


Toni said...

Glad it finally made it there! That sewing machine cover is really cool, I'm sure she was thrilled!

Krista said...

Neato! Sending things in the mail makes me nervous, glad it made it there finally. I'm sure the long wait made the final reveal even more exciting for her :D

Norine said...

Oo, glad your package made it! You did a great job with the improv :)

Janine said...

I love the swaps you made - especially the way you've done her name and the hand stitching. She must be thrilled!