Monday, March 26, 2012

Scenes From a Sunday

I spent most of Sunday in my sewing room working on this and that. Here's a couple sneak peeks of my mini for the Mini QT Swap on Flickr. The theme is movies and in this swap we know who are partner is. I don't want to show too much because she will definately know what I'm up to. These two photos are prior to any stitching.

Sneak Peek: Movies

Sneak Peek: Movies

I also took a long walk with my dogs. Angus found a new piece of rawhide that some other dog must have lost. He carried it back home and settled on the grass to start working on it. We don't allow rawhide in the house. Jameson was a bit put off because there was only one piece, but anytime I've had some for both, they still fight over the same one. He was forced to stay indoors until Angus was finished chewing, then I switched them around and let Jameson chew for awhile.
Chad took my bicycle out of the shed and filled my tires so I can start riding for the season. Because of it, I took a ride before the sun set. I didn't go far because I honestly am not in the best shape for a long ride. This is on my list of goals for the summer though and I start that goal today. Nothing can happen until you start, after all.


My weekend was relaxing despite how much work I did in the sewing room and kitchen. How was your weekend?

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Sana Saroti said...

Your bike looks cool! Great that you get to ride it again! I love riding my bike (go to work with it all the time) and it doesnt take long till you can go longer distances again!
My weekend was too short. I had to work on Saturday all day long, but yesterday was a beautiful eventful day.