Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day, To Do First, and TTT

All three of these linky parties are falling on the same day. If you haven't heard of Fresh Sewing Day hosted by Lily's Quilts, To Do First hosted by Lawson and Lotti, or Thursday Think Tank hosted by Making Rebecca Lynne, do check them out.

First up is my mosaic for Fresh Sewing Day. I feel like I haven't made anything in February, but looking at this, I did pretty well considering all I have going on. I don't include any of my projects for school (that is, until they involve sewing) so of course I made many more things.

February Sewing

For the first time, I'm going to give Charlotte's idea of posting a monthly to do list at the first of the month. I already make lists on paper, and while they do work, I'm not accountable to anyone because I'm the only one who sees them. I also like her idea of "must do" and "might do".

Must Do

1. Finish Sparkle mini - I am so close that I would be disappointed in myself if I just sat on this.

2. Finish Garter Stitch scarf - another long term project that I just need to finish. I am not letting myself start any other knit item until I do get it done.

3. Make my sewing machine cover - with the new templates I bought I think this will actually be a pleasure to put together.

4. Finish at least one embroidered towel - I have already accepted that I will not finish all four this month.

5. Finish my Drunkard's Path quilt top - I would love to be able to finish the whole thing, but I haven't even given a thought to how I'm going to quilt it. I did buy a varigated thread when the QAL started, so it will be by machine.

6. February pattern for the 1912 Project - I think this will be a project that will only take a couple hours, depending on fitting. It's a corset cover but I intend to use the garment to sleep in in the summer months.

7. Cathedral Window apron - considering this is a February challenge, I should get this one done. Also, I don't think it will take that long depending on how the sewing of the windows go. There are only 9 of them on the apron after all.

8. Nesting Place needlebook - I want so badly to finish this that I'm going to use it as a handwork project while watching tv.

9. For the Love of Solids swap items - obviously this has a deadline so it will be done this month.

10. Mini QT Swap quilt - the deadline for mailing is at the end of the month so this will be done before then.

11. Typography challenge - the deadline for this is also at the end of the month. Since I have a couple ideas, I really do want to make them come to life.

12. Tangerine Tango challenge - I didn't get as far of a start on this as I would have liked yesterday, so if I don't meet the deadline tomorrow, I will be ok with it. I want to make my mini design anyway.

Might Do

1. Dessert of the Month Club - since this is a year long project, I don't feel the obligation to set a deadline on it. Each month is a tiny dessert though so I can't imagine it will take long to keep up with them as they are sent out.

2. Embroidery Journal project - another project that will last all year and doesn't have any pressure.

3. Hand Pieced QAL - a no pressure QAL and another hand work project. Since I have a few on my "must do" list already, I don't know if I will get to more.

4. Something for the Scrap Attack that is going on at Stitched in Color - I am coming around to liking some scrappy projects (I think I saw too many that were just not me), so if I come up with an idea, I will create something.

Of course, I am allowing myself to work on new projects as they come up. I have sketched out numerous ideas that I want to visit when I have time, but since they are just for me or something to play around with, there is no hurry. I've been working on organizing my sewing space as well and getting materials grouped and labeled with their intended projects. That's a task in itself. I still intend to share with you all those projects that have planned out and have all needed materials.

I'm spending the day remembering Chad's father and putting him to rest, but I do hope that your day is going well. I won't be gone too long though, as I need to get home to my dogs. The funeral service is in a small town about 2 hours from where I live and then the graveside service is about 1 1/2 hours from there, so my drive home will be pretty long. Depending on how I'm feeling when I return home, I may have something to share on Friday.


Charlotte said...

Great makes, and wow what a big to do list! Good luck with all your projects. Thank you for linking up and im sending you best wishes on this sad day

Jess said...

Wow that is a massive to do list! I'm sorry about your loss and I'm sending best wishes too.

Rebecca Lynne said...

Thinking of you Katie. Take the time to focus on the good stories, that is the highlight of events that are so sad. Hugs to you and yours... B

Betty said...

You've got big plans and a lot of time I hope.
Love the sparkles!

moira said...

Your list is impressive! I hope today wasn't too traumatic for you. hugs

Janine said...

Beautiful makes and I like your idea of a to do this month. It makes everything more manageable:)