Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zombie Girl

Finally I can reveal the surpise I was knitting for a friend. I actually gave this to her last weekend but didn't get around to posting about it until now.

First some background. My friend is really into Halloween, scary movies, zombies, etc. She coordinates our local Zombie Pub Crawl, was working on hosting a Zombie Prom, and works at a haunted house, in addition to holding another job and being a loving wife and great friend.

Zombie Girl

When I saw this pattern, I knew I had to make one for her. The pattern is called Zombie the Podcaster and is free on Ravelry. I made my girl a little more elegant in that I embroidered lips and eyes on her face and left off the bloody scar. Other than that, I didn't make any modifications. I did think about adding hair but didn't like the result. I should have dropped down a needle size for the dress though, as the stuffing does peek through.

Zombie Girl

Hunting down a good yarn to use for the zombie flesh was interesting. My local yarn shop doesn't have too many crazy yarns but I did finally find a sick looking green. I went back and forth over dress colors as well before picking this one.

Zombie Girl

This knit up very quickly. I set it down for a few days, otherwise it would have been done in just two or three evenings. This was the first toy pattern I have knit up and the first time using Judy's Magic Cast On. That went pretty well considering I've heard others having difficulities getting it down. Working on something this small was fiddly at times but it won't deter me from knitting another toy in the future.

And as a bonus, the cast on is a common one used in socks. I have yet to knit a sock and have it on my list of things to try next year.

Yay for another tick off of my Hustle list!

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Cindy Sharp said...

He, he, he. Well done!