Monday, November 26, 2012

Art Quilting Practice

These pieces were made for my summer drawing class but I consider them practice for where I want to go with my art. My instructor and classmates loved them and I see the flaws.

All were based off of photographs from the Western Minnesota Steam Threasher's Reunion that Chad and I attend over Labor Day. I have included the source image here so you can compare.

First one is of some cut logs. I used this image for my Dead Simple Quilt as well. I am just in love with the colors and textures here. I tried to recreate it but don't think I hit it just right.

Inspiration for my Dead Simple Quilt

Second is a tractor wheel. I tried both applique and thread painting to bring out the details. I think it would have worked better this way if the yellow thread color was dead on to the fabric.

Inspiration at WMSTR
Tractor Wheel

And last is a view of the sky outside of a barn loft. This one is my favorite of the three. Cotton balls were made into clouds and the black areas are paper that were stitched down.

Inspiration at WMSTR

View Outside

Much like my first scarf and first quilt, I think these are important to track where I have been and where I am going. Do you evaluate your work in this manner? We all improve with time and practice and looking back can be fun and educational.


Cindy Sharp said...

Nope, I don't do that, at least not purposfully. Once in a while I get a glimps at the is fun. Thanks for sharing.

Janine said...

Congrats on the new job. It'll be nice to see you posting more often :) I like the way you've shown your inspiration photos, here. I especially love the smooth streaks of orange/brown with the rough bark texture in your top photo, although my favourite quilt is the bottom one. I agree that it's important to evaluate and I'll look forward to seeing where you go with this :)

jeifner said...

I do like to see what I've done although I many times want to go back and fix something :)