Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Visit

Replica Church

Iron Cross
Iron Cross
The images here were taken on Thanksgiving on our visit to Chad's father's gravesite. This cemetary is located next to the farm he grew up on and is the resting place of many of his family and neighbors. I am sharing them for a couple reasons. One, I just love images of rural North Dakota. I live in the heavily populated area of the state and being out there is heaven to me. Second, I also am enamored with the history of this area. I won't go too deep into it other than to mention it's the epicenter of the German-Russian immigration into America. The iron crosses are an homage to their culture and are sprinkled over the surrounding counties. I also love the German on this one. Languages get me every time.

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Jamie Lee said...

What interesting photos. I've always liked trolling cemeteries for old headstones. My sister lives in Maine and there are quite a few unique cemeteries nearby. It may seem macabre, but I like to imagine their lives from reading the inscriptions and looking at what family members are buried nearby.