Sunday, November 11, 2012

100 Day Hustle Check In

I can't believe we are halfway through this challenge and there are less than 50 days left this year. Good thing it's all in fun because I'm only chipping away at my list.

Shall we?


1. Sundry Shawl - I haven't touched this one for awhile, though the thought of it came to mind to knit on it this weekend.

2. Sharktooth - finished but I haven't blocked it yet. That's to come, and then I will create a post for it.

Finished Sharktooth

3. Five by Five Cowl - cast this on this evening but no photo because it is dark. Should be an easy, albeit boring, knit.

4. 28's Big Sister 77 - not started.

5. Abalone - I have wound the yarn and am trying to get the nerve to start my first garment.

6. Driftwood - this one is also still untouched in weeks.

7. Secret preset for a friend - I am very close to finishing it and will share photos once I give it away.

8. Pei Cowl - finished. I don't seem to have a finished photo of it and need to get on that. This will get its own post as well soon.

9. Bella's Mittens - finished. I need to wash them and then take photos of them.

Finished Bella's Mittens

10. Garter stitch scarf - finished. A post of this one will come later this week.

Garter Stitch Scarf

11. Age of Steam and Brass - not started.


Basically this list has received no love at all. Since there isn't any progress to report, I'm going to state what I hope to get done on them by the end of the year.

1. Drunkard's Path quilt - finish top.

2. Kaleidoscope quilt - finish top.

3. Zig Zag quilt - finish top, minus the applique I have planned.

4. Low Volume quilt - sew together blocks. The charms are still to be received from the swap and I need to order the solids I plan to use with them.

5. Medallion quilt - make a good start on the top.

6. Garden tote - finish completely.

7. Bird needlebook - finish completely.

8. Curved tree mini - finish top.

9. Cloth from Embroider, Embellish, Create class - keep working on it as it involves a lot of hand work.

10. Dessert of the Month cross stitch - finish completely.

11. Reindeer banner - finish embroidery and possibly dye backing fabric. This one may have to wait to make its full debut Christmas of 2013.

I'm not the only one reporting my progess. Head over to Kelsey Sews to check out what the other participants have been up to. See you soon!


kat129 said...

I love how much knitting is on your list! Off to see some of these on ravelry :-) Hope you get to touch more of your fabrics in the next 50 days!

Kelsey said...

Such beautiful knitting!!