Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I'm halfway through my 10 day vacation and feel so relaxed. Now, don't think I haven't been working around the house. I have been tackling some deep cleaning each day so far and have also been reorganizing my creative spaces. I think my new set up will make it easier for me to work on projects once I start my new job. And it's good for me to get a start on the new year coming up.

Yes, I am already thinking about next year. I start doing that as my birthday approaches (it's in December) and use this time to come up with my personal goals. I will go into that more later as 2012 comes to an end but I will say now that I already have a basket full of knitting projects lined up for 2013.

Aside from cleaning and organizing, I have also been making progress on some projects so let's get on with that. I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for her WIP Wednesday link up.

One of my goals this week is to finish my Drunkard's Path quilt top. I made progress on the blocks but still have a ways to go.

DP Block Progress

Three of my knit projects got some love. These are the Loverly Shawl, Sundry Shawl, and Five by Five Cowl. The cowl is coming with me tomorrow because it will make excellent traveling and conversation knitting.

Loverly Shawl WIP
Sundry Shawl WIP
Five by Five Cowl WIP

I also started a crochet project. This is the base for a basket. The colors are not what I would have paired if I bought these new but they work. I found these in my stash and instead of donating them, like some of the other acrylic yarn I have, I wanted to use them up. This will be a quick project and useful to boot.

Crochet Basket WIP

We are expecting a mix of snow and rain tomorrow, which will be interesting as we travel. Chad and I are leaving very early in the morning to drive to the farm he grew up on to visit his father's grave before heading back east to spend time with his family. To my fellow Americans, I hope your Thanksgiving is spent with those you love.


Jenniffier Kramer said...

The drunkards path looks very fun. I really like the bright purple.

LynCC said...

The purple in your Drunkard's Path is divine!

Karen M said...

The Drunkards Path blocks look like they will make an interesting quilt!