Monday, November 12, 2012

Fabrics on My Wish List

Lest you think my blog is going to be solely about yarn, I am here today to share some fabrics coming soon that are at the top of my list to acquire. Just because I haven't been sewing doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it.

All images are taken from Hawthorne Threads, which is one of the online stores I prefer over others. Always great customer service and speedy shipping. Plus the prices are fair in comparison and the selection is great. They also offer tiered pricing that is based on that specific order and your order history. (And no, they do not sponsor me nor are they aware I am writing this post. I just love shopping with them.)

The one most anticipated by myself is Type by Julia Rothman. Vintage typewriters, text, and spectacles? Oh yes.

Coming before the end of the year are two collections from Lizzy House. I seriously love everything she puts out and these are no exception. The first is a collection of Pearl Bracelet prints in various colors. These are popular in each of her collections and now they have their own feature.

The second collection from her is called Constellations. One of my dream majors in college was astro-physics. I have a telescope, which doesn't get as much love as I would like, but all the same I love looking at the stars. Living in a sparsely populated area will do that to you.

Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts is one that I will probably have to buy yardage in every print. Words cannot express the love I have for this line.

When I returned to college my initial major was interior design. Of course I changed to art for various reasons, but my love for design and architecture pumps through my veins. So it's no surprise that Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander ranks high on my wish list.

Alexander Henry has a couple of collections designed by house designers that have caught my eye. The first is Mecca for Moderns and the second is Africa.

Cookin Outdoors from Michael Miller also has a couple prints I like. Chad is enthralled with Texas so these could be good ones to throw into a quilt for him. Not sure how they would mix with the other cowboy/western prints I have, but they could work. They are also perfect for kitchen items. We are in need of some new hot pads.

And finally, Kaffe Fassett is bringing back his shot cottons. Need I say more?

I think that's enough enabling for today. Any collections coming that you are excited for?

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Pam said...

I'd happily sew with any of the fabrics you have chosen, Katie!!!