Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Decision to Frog

One thing I love about knitting is how easy it is to start over if a mistake is made. With sewing, it is impossible to put together yardage once it has been cut. Yarn, however, can but ripped out and return to it's basic form.

Not that frogging is a pleasant experience. In the past I have frogged while in progress. Today I'm going to share two projects that I have frogged after finishing. Both for very distinct reasons.

The first one is my Line Break shawl. This was knit for Camp Loopy which had a time limit of one month to make up. I did finish in time but am not happy with the result. For one thing, I had planned on adding a third skein of yarn to lengthen it. That couldn't happen with everything else I had going on so I bound off after two. There enters the other reason I am unhappy with this. I hate the bind off I used. It was supposed to make the edge very stretchy but it did the opposite.

Line Break: Before Frogging

As it is, I won't wear it in its present form. So the decision to frog it and reknit was made. This won't happen until the new year though but I want something that I will make use of often.

The second piece is my State Street Cowl. This is meant to be bulky and large enough to wear around the shoulders. Since my body is shaped differently than the model in the pattern photos, I decided to add extra repeats to make it a little bigger. Bad idea as this is just way too big on me. I don't even want to show you what the photos looked like of my wearing it. So intead, I took one with my feet in it so you can have a comparison for size.

State Street Cowl: Before Frogging

This one was a quick knit. I think I did it in a weekend so ripping it out isn't that big of a deal. It still sucks but I want to make use of this one as well. I won't be reknitting it until after the new year but the yarn is ready to go.

This topic is a little different as it talks about flawed items and basically destroying them. Is this something that you have done? It doesn't have to be with knitting, but with any creative endeavor. I can't think of any sewing projects that have gone ary like this but that may be because I have them buried somewhere...

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Allison said...

those are very pretty projects, I hope you remake them to your satisfaction. i'm not a knitter, and I have very limited experience sewing clothing, at least I don't have to worry about the fit of my finished quilts. Sometimes I have taken out my quilting mistakes, sometimes I have left them in. I have a top right now that has a mistake in the center (it is a medalion style, so I'd have to rip out to the begining) I decided to leave it as is, but everytime I look at it, the mistake jumps out at me.