Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To Do First

Taking time off was strange to me, but definately needed. I longingly would look at my computer when I was in need of a break and also took to staring at my various sewing projects that had to be put aside. But, I did finish what had to be done for yesterday and today, so it was worth it. I do still have one last studio class to finish projects for, but I have a week to work on them.

Because of this crazy month, I didn't cross anything off my list from April, except for my swap pouch for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap (which I will share this week). I made progress so there is that. Instead of a recap, I'm just going to go forth with my list for May. I am linking this up with Charlotte over at Lawson and Lotti.

Must Do:

1. Finish Sparkle mini - the completed top is hanging out on the back of my chair and will be one of the first things I tackle this month. Pinky swear.

Sparkle Top Finished

2. Make my sewing machine cover - I haven't even looked at this in weeks and really want to get it done.

3. Finish at least one embroidered towel - another project I want to finish so that I can give it to the recipient.

4. Finish my Drunkard's Path quilt - another languishing project that I want to finish.

5. February pattern for the 1912 Project - I can't get another until I make this one up. I have all of the materials and the pattern printed. I just need to resize it and then get sewing.

6. Cathedral Window apron

7. Nesting Place needlebook

8. Hand Pieced QAL - I do have the pieces cut for the second block.

9. Projects from Curves Class - the class blog is closed, but I did print out instructions for what I want to make up. I am interested in taking Rachel's second class so wrapping this one up would be great.

10. Dive into and keep up with the online classes I have signed up for - I have two embroidery classes starting this month, as well as a few art classes that have already began that I want to work my way through.

Might Do:

1. Finish garter stitch scarf - just because I'm not knitting doesn't mean the yarn isn't piling up! I need to change that balance soon.

2. Typography Challenge - the challenge is long over (and the next one has started) but I still love my idea.

3. Tangerine Tango Challenge - same story: challenge over, but I love my idea, so it will be done.

4. Dessert of the Month Club

5. Embroidery Journal Project

I'm going to take a break from schoolwork for the rest of the day and instead, work on catching up online. With this semester wrapping up I have more time for me. I do have one summer class that starts in a couple weeks and runs every day for four weeks but since it is only in the morning, I should be able to tackle my WIP list.

What do you have planned for May?

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Charlotte said...

Wow that is a huge To Do list, I hope you manage to get it all done. Im really interested in your typography challenge, cant wait to see what your idea was, what is the new one that has started? can you enter your idea in that one instead? Thanks for linking up ;-)