Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FAL Quarter 2 Finish: Sparkle Mini

YES! Did you all hear me shout that once I finished stitching the binding? I had great hopes of keeping up with the QAL on this one, but got too busy and this project has just been sitting there.

Finished Sparkle

After making so many things for our house that are too feminine (Chad's opinion), I wanted to make something that would suit his tastes as well. It was going to be a surprise for him, but since it took so long, he did see it as I was working on it. Turns out, he loves all of the fabrics I used, but thinks the block is too "city" and modern for them. I disagree and love it all the same, but I am planning on making another mini for our table using the same fabrics. I just have to finish up other things and decide the design for it. I do think this Sparkle block is great for showcasing a large print. Thank you to Jeni and Megan for creating this design and hosting the QAL!

Sparkle Quilting

I didn't want the quilting to take anything away from the prints I picked out, so I decided on a simple outline of each block. The linen took to the stitching well and really showcases the quilting, I think.

Sparkle Quilting

It is backed in another large scale Western print, which I also have more of on hand.

Sparkle Backing

This is now gracing our kitchen table, though not for long. I do have a 4th of July themed topper next in line (for this area of the house, that is) and do want to get that one done before the holiday. Then I can work on a second mini made with these fabrics.

Big thanks to Rhonda and her FAL. I am pretty sure I have project ADD aka "New and Shiny Syndrome" so this is a great way to focus my energy on the things I leave in progress. Hopefully I can get to the rest of my list for this quarter by the end of June.

See you tomorrow for WIP Wednesday and on Thursday, I will be sharing a little revelation I had yesterday. Have a great day!


Cindy said...

Looks good to me.

Janine said...

Congrats on the finish! I think the fabric and design work really well together :)