Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"I Will Wear It in Public" Challenge

When Rikka put forth this challenge, I jumped in feet first. I knew that I was going to be making a top for my painting final (hand painted fabric) and had hopes that the top I made for class would be a wearable one. I have made clothes before (not many for myself though) but wanted to tackle sewing with knits for this one.

I did wear it in public for class and then to work, but I wasn't all that happy with it. I still haven't tried to see if I can fix it to make it something I like, or if I will just rack it up to a failed attempt.

Here's a photo of me wearing the first one:

Painting Final

The big problem I have with this top is the fit and drape of the knit I used. I think it makes me look extremely large on top - more than I really am. I am busty and have an "apple shaped" body and this top just exaggerated that. If I had taken that photograph before leaving the house, I wouldn't have worn it to class and instead taken it on a hanger.

Before sewing up this version, I did make a muslin with a cheaper knit. I loved the fit and drape of the muslin but didn't like the length. Being tall, most everything is too short for me. Everywhere.

To make my muslin a wearable garment, I decided to cut out a second set of pieces in a longer length and make it a layered top. I was winging the construction of it and should have thought it through more before sewing, but it works. Chad isn't a fan of this one either but he is used to seeing me in form-fitting clothing and not something that hangs freely.

I'm doing my "I'm trying to be a serious model here but the annoying kids next door with not shut up" pose.

Finished Top

This top is very comfortable and I do see myself wearing it if it's not too hot outside. I do need to wear a cardigan or something over it because it is sleeveless and I don't care to show all of my arms off.

I won't be sewing with knits until I get a serger though. They were a challenge to sew on my machine and I think a serger would make the process better for me. Or maybe I just need more practice with them in general. The hem was the worst part of sewing this top up.

The pattern I used for both tops is the Tank pattern from Wiksten. This pattern seems to be written for woven fabrics based on the sewing directions. I pretty much didn't follow them after reading through because I used a different type of fabric. I also have their Tova pattern and will sew that one up one of these days.

Thanks again, Rikka, for the challenge! It was fun to participate in and I look forward to the next one.


Jenelle said...

I like your turquoise tank a lot! The color is perfect for you. :) Nice job tackling those tricky knits too, especially without a serger!

Ricochet said...

I like your second top much better on you. I'm glad you were able to get it done in time. Adding the extra tier was brilliant. Not sure how you added it, but it looks great from my perspective. Congrats on truly meeting the challenge! It was nice to have you back.

Pam said...

I like your top, Katie! Maybe it's just that you're used to, or feel more comfortable in a different style of clothing. Sewing stretch knits on an overlocker (serger) is definitely easier, but even with an overlocker, I always find the hems the hardest part. I have the 'Tova' pattern, too, but I'll be sewing mine in a woven fabric.

Nanna said...

beautiful job on both tops, I've been so busy I'm going to squeeze my project right under the dead line lol

Anonymous said...

Very cool Katie, and I love the color! I think your second top does fit you better but I'm still a fan of the first one because you did the print yourself, which I think is just awesome :)

Melody Maj said...

I like your 2nd top the most, the drape & colour are great on you :)