Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I've been doing some evaluating and editing of various things in my life. This list is included in that, so there are things that have just dropped off, never to return.

I don't have much else to say because I want to get working on my list. Linking up with Freshly Pieced this week.



Progress Made:

Sparkle mini - I sneaked in some more quilting but it is still on my machine. Pretty sad if you consider the quilting I have planned, but I have been having trouble sitting inside lately. Here's proof that I have good intentions:

Still quilting

I do need to finish it up though because I am going to start bringing my machine to my drawing class to use. This project isn't coming off my machine until it is done.

Garter stitch scarf - more rows have been knit.

No Progress:

"I Will Wear It in Public" Challenge

Hand Pieced QAL

2012 Color Challenge: Jan-May - these are on hold for awhile, but will be completed since I do like the challenge presented.

Sewing Machine Cover

Typography Challenge

Project Quilting Challenge: It's Where I Live

Project Quilting Challenge: Music

Project Quilting Challenge: Tools

Project Quilting Challenge: Barn Quilts

Tangerine Tango Challenge

1912 Project: February Pattern

Quilt Challenge of the Month: February (Cathedral Windows)

(Late) Wedding Present

Nesting Place class

Dessert of the Month Club: Jan-May

Drunkard's Path QAL - all I've managed to do is pull out the finished blocks and pieces to be sewn into mega blocks. I forgot how many I have to trim (ugh) so I'm hoping to find motivaton to tackle that today. I am still keeping my goal to finish this one to show for the Blogger's Quilt Festival...

Zig Zag QAL

Kaleidoscope QAL

Curves Class projects

Embroidered Ornaments

RATZ Swap - I've been thinking about this one and will be making up a few things for my partner to comment on.

Art Quilt

Zakka Style SAL


Made in Cherry QAL - I was going to make a mini version of this, but am not feeling it anymore.

Embroidery Journal Project - catching up on past months is not really the spirit of this project and I'm not 100% certain on what I would do anyway. I just keep changing my mind, so the materials I bought for a previous plan will be used elsewhere. Maybe next year I can tackle a project like this.


Garden Tote - I shared my progress with this the other day. Since then, I have only managed to finish the red outline of the tomato.

Embroidery WIP

Camp Loopy - yes, I do recall mentioning that I wasn't going to start any other knit projects until I finished that scarf up there, but I changed my mind. I mean, there's a free skein of yarn on the line and the pattern I picked for the first month is one that's been in my queue to make for a long time. Plus, I will be knitting a lace pattern, which is a first for me (thus fulfilling a goal of mine to expand my knitting techniques this year). My yarn is on its way and I can't cast on until May 27th. That could be enough time, if I plugged away at it, to finish my scarf.

Hope your week is going well!


capitolaquilter said...

I find myself dropping out of QALs when something more intriguing comes along or I look interest - that's why I like them so much, you're only relying on yourself. Looks like you've got some great projects in the works and on the list.

Cille said...

Good to revise goals sometimes :) I too lost interest in the Made in Cherry. I have a finished top but don't really like it so saving for sometime where hopefully I'll see the light again :)

Jana said...

I LOVE your long list of WIPs. Makes me feel normal. I have a tendency to lose interest in QALs too. Again, I feel normal.