Sunday, May 27, 2012

What I've Been Doing

I didn't mean to take the last few days off as I did have some posts I was going to write up. But, I just haven't been wanting to even look at my laptop and instead, have been working around the house and chipping away at some other projects.

Despite all of that, I also started two new knitting projects. Both happen to be lace projects, which is something new to me. I am always looking to increase my knitting skills and these both fit the bill.

One is my first project for Camp Loopy, which was planned. Cast on was at 12:01 am today, and I was up because of a thunderstorm, so I did cast on and knit the first round of the repeat. I love the colors of this yarn (Lorna's Laces) and it is a dream to knit with. This project needs to be done by June 27th in order to be eligible for the contest and the bonus prize at the end of camp. I have no doubts this will happen.

Camp Loopy Project 1

The second, I started at the end of last week. I had to frog it twice before finally getting through the first part of the pattern without any errors. The first attempt there was a twist and the second time I messed up big time with the yarn overs, pass overs, etc. There was a twist the second cast on too, but I was ok with it until I started making other mistakes. So now third time is the charm for me on this one.

Cachou Cowl

The yarn for this cowl is from Tanis Fiber Arts, which is also nice to work with. The yarn and pattern are part of her Year in Color Club, which is in its second year. I have been signed up from the beginning but haven't knit up any of the kits yet. I had decided last week that if I went the rest of this year without touching any of them again, I wouldn't allow myself to sign up next year. Now that I have started this one, I am thinking I could get through all of the kits I have by the end of the year, if I am motivated to do so. The patterns are all something I want to knit up, so that's not the reason why I haven't done anything with them yet.

Anyway. That's what I have been up to the past few days. I have more posts in mind to do this week, including my work from drawing class last week. We made kites (!!!) and flew them on Friday. I am very pleased that mine flew like a champ. I always wanted to fly kites as a child, but could never get them in the air. My parents weren't much help either. I could go on about this more right now, but I will save it for later.

I also won a contest that Candi was having to pick topics for the monthly quilt challenges she has. Part of the prize is being able to host the challenge you proposed, so in June I will be hosting a hand quilting challenge. More details to come later this week.

Chad and are are no longer going out of town tomorrow, so I now have a completely free day. I spent most of the day today cleaning the house, including the tasks that I dread, as well as baking, in anticipation of not having time tomorrow. So now I can spend the entire day sewing and knitting and not feel guilty about it one bit!

See you soon!

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