Saturday, May 5, 2012

Swap Items Sent

To wrap up a couple swaps I participated in, here are the items I sent for the Mini QT Swap and the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.

First up, is the Mini QT Swap. Our theme was movies and since our partners in this swap are not secret, it is easy to talk back and forth about likes and dislikes. I had many options but kept coming back to her love for Godzilla movies.

Mini QT Sent

So I made up a mini with Godzilla attacking Indianapolis, IN (the metro area my partner lives in). I swear he looked more like Godzilla before I started stitching.

Mini QT Sent

I wanted to give this type of thread sketching a go on this one. It was good practice and I definately learned a few things while doing it. I used thread from a couple different manufacturers and know which I will not use for this type of work. I also tested out different needles, but found that any needle could break if you're not careful. I think I went through three or four needles on this one.

Mini QT Sent

I did a wrap from the back binding and don't think that was the best choice. I wanted to try it out and see if I liked that method though.

Mini QT Sent

As an extra, I used another movie as inspiration for a good sized pouch. I didn't take a photo of the inside, but it is lined in yellow to represent the Yellow Brick Road.

Minit QT Sent

I may just have to make up one of these for myself too.

Next is the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. My partner had a variety of things in her mosaic and I was drawn to the rainbow colors. I don't like a lot of rainbow centered things myself, so I wanted to challenge myself by creating something using those colors.


She also had some hand stitching in her favorites so I decided to do some free embroidery to match up the colors. The embroidery is stitched on osnaburg, which has a more open weave than linen, so the perle thread was easy to stitch here.


Her extras are a couple of magazines; one for knitting and the other for crochet. She has a variety of interests like myself, so I bought her magazines that I enjoy myself.

That wraps up those two. I am in another small swap right and think I've got the swap bug out of my system. I decided that I don't need to do them all, just the ones that work well for me.

Tomorrow (er, rather, later today since it is technically Saturday here), I will be starting to share with you my final projects for my studio classes. I'm breaking them up into seperate posts, so there will be one on Saturday, one Sunday, and the last one next Saturday.


Toni said...

Looks like you had some fun swaps! That Wizard of Oz fabric is too cute. The castle peeps makes a fun pouch, too. Have a great weekend, Katie!

Pam said...

The cityscape is amazing, Katie!!! How did you do the thread sketching... with a sewing machine? I've never seen that done before... very effective!!!

Janine said...

I love the way you've done that thread sketching and your pouch is lovely :)