Sunday, May 6, 2012

Studio Sunday: Painting Final

Today I'm going to show you my final project for my painting class. I do want to warn you in advance that if you are easily offended by foul language or sensitive to certain subjects, that one of my pieces is dealing with my past. It is going to be the last project I share in this post, so feel free to look at only the first project if this is the case.

We had to come up with two projects for our final critique. The first was our choice. Everyone had to submit a proposal, which was given feedback and only one person had to completely change their proposed project. My project was to hand paint fabrics and turn those in to at least five items. I did only get five done in time but would have done more if I could have fit them in.

I didn't think to take photos of the fabrics prior to cutting and sewing them. I also used different techniques to apply paint, which made for different results. The fabric bases were different as well. I pretty much wanted a variety of things to play around with.

I first painted yardage of a white cotton. I bought a quilting weight, though not Kona as it wasn't on sale, so there is a difference in the feel of it. I watered down the paint and applied it broadly, hoping for more color mixing than I got. I wanted a fabric that had reds, blues, and purples, but the red and blue weren't going purple easily. So instead, I went with the patriotic theme and added random stars and stripes.

Out of this fabric, I decided I could make two things. First I made a gathered clutch, which was adapted from Noodlehead's tutorial. Her tutorial makes a smaller clutch than what I wanted to make, so I basically just used her idea of gathering the front piece and placing a strip of fabric over it. I didn't follow her directions for assembly (or really even read them) since I just made it the same as any other zippered pouch I've made.

Painting Final

Painting Final

The inside is lined with the same fabric. I thought about using something else, but in the spirit of making everything out of fabrics I have painted, I didn't.

The second item I made was the Pocket Clutch from Keyka Lou (though now I see she has changed her business name to Michelle Patterns). I did follow the instructions she gives, though I changed the interfacing and batting to just fusible fleece. Oh, and I also put the snap in prior to when her instructions suggest. There are some other construction steps I would change when I make another one of these. Again, the inside is the same fabric.

Painting Final

The second fabric I painted was a linen blend apparel weight fabric. I decided I wanted to have more control over what the final project looked like, so I first cut out the pieces and then painted them. I wanted more of a washed look so I wet down the linen before I started. I used another Noodlehead pattern for this one, this time the 241 Tote.

Painting Final

Painting Final

Painting Final

My inspiration for this one came from a photo I took while walking. I saw these bright tulips against some concrete and tried to portray them. Chad told me it looks like I dropped the purse in dirt and that's all I see now too. I do like the style of this bag and will make more in the future.
I then painted some yardage of white knit. I wanted to make a tank top using the pattern from Wiksten. The pattern seems to be written with wovens in mind, so I pretty much only used the pattern pieces and then assembled it as I saw fit. I did make a muslin first, using a cheap knit from Walmart. (I actually love the muslin so I will be finishing it to wear. I will share that once I do.) I'm glad I did because I did have to lengthen it and also cut the neckline a little higher.

Painting Final

I honestly don't care much for it right now. I have some ideas of how to tweak it to make it better for me. I think part of the reason I'm iffy is that I don't normally wear shirts that are so loose. I think this makes my upper body look incredibly large, and is only worse if I don't have a cardigan over it. The neckline with this knit is also pretty baggy.

I did wear it to critique though and the rest of the day. So, I could say this meets the "I Will Wear It in Public" challenge, but I know I can do better for that. Let's just call this one a trial.

The final piece I did for this project was an art quilt. I took a piece of canvas and started applying color to it. I went with the colors that I am loving right now: a deep red, mustard yellow, and gray. After the paint dried, I took it to my sewing machine to add some stitching. I used threads that matched each painted area and sewed a bit of each in the colors. To finish I then layered it with another piece of canvas and then zigzagged the edges together.

Painting Final

Painting Final

Painting Final

I love the look of it and am thinking of other directions I can take this.

Now for my second project. This one was a collaborative project with an assigned artist. Unlike a true collaboration, we did not meet with the other artist, but instead were to take something from their work and combine it with what we already do. This could have been materials used, a style, or philosophy. He didn't want us to outright copy the work of the artist (which some of my classmates did).

My artist was Sue Williams. Most of her art stems from the abuse that she suffered over her life. The worst of which was a boyfriend that shot her and left her for dead. My instructor had no idea that I grew up in an abusive household and also dated abusive men, until I decided it all had to change. I knew what I had to paint for this project, even though I don't like putting all of this out there for the world to see. This semester has been a reflection of sorts on my past, which has been helpful but also uncomfortable. I think I do still need to explore these issues but keep the outcome to myself in the future.

I had this vision come to mind of getting out the things that have been said to me that have stuck. These are not made up (which someone in class thought) and were said by my parents, step-mother, sister, some other family, former friends, and ex-boyfriends. I don't remember if I have shared that my mother is bipolar, which amplified what she would say to me at times. It's not an excuse in my opinion, just fact.

It felt really good to get all of this down and out of my head. I was really nervous about critique though because it's a sensitive subject and I am putting it in the viewer's face. This painting is about 6' high to give you an idea of size. Any smaller and it wouldn't have had the pow that I knew it deserved. To prepare myself for class, I just kept telling myself that there isn't anything a relative stranger could tell me that is any worse than any of the things on my painting.

Before I started the painting, I thought I might burn it to release the words but now I'm not so sure. I think instead I will burn the notes I made prior to starting it. That also holds these words, and more as I couldn't fit everything here.

That wraps up my painting class. Next Saturday I will share my projects for photography. Our critique isn't until Wednesday and I am still finishing up my pieces. We have to make five different pieces dealing with how we are now.

I hope your Sunday is a good one. We are off to rural North Dakota for a confirmation and then back to our normal Sunday routine.


MB in MI said...

Hoping all the pain in your painting has lessened now--looks like you've turned out to be 'pretty allright'. Glad you shared it....

Anonymous said...

Wow Katie - I cannot imagine how much courage it really took to write those words down for everyone to see. *hugs*

Pam said...

Love both of your red, white and blue purses.. both the fabric and the styles. I'm making the one from Noodlehead as a present, hopefully this week. I hope that doing the collaborative art has helped. You were incredibly brave to show it to the class.

Janine said...

It's really interesting to see all those fabric paint effects and well done for being so courageous in the collaborative project. You really have made a wonderful collection for this crit :)