Saturday, May 12, 2012

Studio Saturday

I don't have images of my final photography pieces yet. I procrastinated a bit on them and so I was working on them up until I had to leave for class for critique. (Oops.) So, I didn't have time to take photos of them before and they are still at school. Hopefully they weren't thrown away and I can pick them up next week. There are two of them that I would be really upset to lose.

Instead, I remembered that I never shared the final product of our mold project in sculpture. I made these in March, but they weren't fired until the last week of classes. My mold was of a lemon and we were to make three separate pieces using the mold. The twist was they all had to alter the cast object.

First I made a bunch of lemons and put them into a stack. I should have stacked them in a more natural way, but at the time this made sense to me.

Stack of lemons

Then I sliced a solid lemon and carved details.

Lemon wedges

Finally, my play on lemonade. (Get it, lemon-aid... first aid... No?)


One idea I was given in critique was to have made the lemon into a car to play on that concept too. I never did make that and even though I still have my mold, I'm pretty sure I won't use it again. I will hang on to it until next summer and decide if I want to get rid of it then.

The one thing that I don't like about these pieces is the milky glaze on top. We were told it was a clear glaze but it isn't clear like I wanted it to be.

If I manage to pick up my photography pieces, I will share them during the week. I do start my summer drawing class on Tuesday, so studio updates will continue until June. I have the same instructor that I had for painting, and he was so fascinated by the sewing work I did for my final project in painting, that he mentioned I could do that for drawing. (Since I am in an upper level class, we propose all of our projects for the class duration.) I do love to draw with ink and charcoal too, so I'm not sure what I want to do. We do only have four weeks, so it's not like I can explore everything for class. I'll talk more about it next Saturday.

I hope your weekend is finding you well! I am taking a little break and doing whatever feels right, but not pressuring myself to get anything big done.

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Sana Saroti said...

I really love the lemon-aid!!! What a cool piece. I would definitely put it on display!