Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Whew! I just had my last critique of the semester and can relax. Until next week when my summer class starts, that is. I've been told there isn't any out of class homework so I will have the afternoon to work on whatever I want to.

This update is mostly for me so no photos. Not that there is much to show for progress here. My sewing machine was pretty busy with my projects for school.


Nothing from this list.

Progress Made:

Sparkle mini - I did take a break to baste this and managed to quilt one of the four sparkles. The binding is ready too so there is hope this one will get finished sometime soon.

Garter stitch scarf - I also knit a little on this too. I'm getting there but am really impatient to finish. My local yarn store is having a moving sale starting next week and I want to take advantage of it, but can't justify more yarn until I finish this one.

"I Will Wear It In Public" Challenge - I shared the top I made (and wore in public) but I'm not happy with it, so I will be making another one.

No Progress:

2012 Color Challenge: April

Hand Pieced QAL

Sewing Machine Cover

Typography Challenge

Project Quilting Challenge: It's Where I Live

Tangerine Tango Challenge

1912 Project: February Pattern

Quilt Challenge of the Month: February (Cathedral Windows)

(Late) Wedding Present

Nesting Place class

Dessert of the Month Club: January

Dessert of the Month Club: February

Dessert of the Month Club: March

Dessert of the Month Club: April

Drunkard's Path QAL - I kind of set the goal to have this finished for the Blogger's Quilt Festival that starts in 9 days.

Zig Zag QAL

Kaleidoscope QAL

2012 Color Challenge: January

2012 Color Challenge: February

2012 Color Challenge: March

Curves Class projects

Made in Cherry QAL - I was thinking of making a mini version of this but now I'm not sure. I haven't done anything with it so it may fall of my list next week. (Still not sure about it right now, so it stays until I decide otherwise.)

Embroidery Journal Project: January

Embroidery Journal Project: February

Embroidery Journal Project: March

Embroidery Journal Project: April

Embroidered Ornaments

Project Quilting Challenge: Music

Project Quilting Challenge: Tools

Project Quilting Challenge: Barn Quilts


Embroidery Journal Project: May

Dessert of the Month Club: May

2012 Color Challenge: May - I haven't had time to think about fabrics yet.

Art Quilt

Zakka Style SAL


Nothing here either.

My dogs have been neglected a bit as far as long walks go, so to celebrate the end of the semester, I am off to spoil them with one. Then it will be catch up time online.

Have a great Wednesday!


Diane-crewe said...

enjoy your walk... clear your head.... then you will be ready to go again xx

Sana Saroti said...

Woohoo for finishing the semester! You did great - I think ;-)