Saturday, October 22, 2011


Today didn't really go as planned. I don't normally plan much for the weekend unless I have a deadline or other people want to do something. After looking over my massive to do list for today, I managed two things. At least they were the more pressing items.

Ceramics Class

I am done with my project for ceramics. This is just a few of the pieces that I had to throw on the wheel. We had to make 20 pieces and there had to be at least two cups, bowls, plates, jars, vases, and pitchers. The remaining eight could be any of those types. I found I enjoyed making bowls and jars more, so I did four extra bowls, three extra jars, and an extra vase which was intended to be a jar. Don't ask, but I can tell you that I know ceramics is not really for me.

All that's left with these is to let them dry so they can be fired, glazed, and then fired again.

Intwined Carrots

Today I also finished cleaning out my garden. I wanted to give my carrots some more time before it starts freezing every night, but they really didn't grow much more. I thought these two were an interesting pair.

I learned a lot this summer with my first garden that will help me plan over the winter. First order of business is having Chad make my space larger. He think twice the size will be fine and I'm trying to talk him into making it four times the size. I think it will come down to how much time I have next summer to take care of it. I think I may have to take a couple summer classes so I can graduate when I want to and that will reduce my free time greatly.

Tomorrow will be filled with the remaining tasks from today. I have some cleaning, cooking, and then sewing to do.


Katie said...

Yay that you managed to throw so many! I filled my quota by doing slipware lol - what a cheater... I can't wait to see a bigger pic when they're glazed!

Cindy said...

Those are some cool carrots. They look like a pair of lovers.

Sana Saroti said...

That is a lot of dishes you had to make! Those carrots are so cute! Too bad they wont stay like that forever.