Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some Thoughts for Thursday

I have a test tomorrow that I still need to write a four page essay for (seriously!!), so any work on projects has all been cerebral. I wanted to discuss a few other things going on in my household that have been on my mind lately.

First, I'm very pleased with the shifted focus towards my creativity. This has been in large part due to taking away Facebook time. Thank God I don't twitter either because I know that can be a huge time suck. Now if only I could resist reality shows. Currently, I am watching a marathon of The Rachel Zoe Project. Just being honest.

Secondly, I'm a little giddy over Chad finding his creative outlet. Ever since I met him, I knew he had a vision that he wasn't bringing out because he doesn't see it. He plays guitar and can draw so exactly that it makes me a little jealous. I am not a photo realistic artist at all. Now with the addition of our welder, he's been sketching ideas for sculptures. It was bought originally as a practical tool and I love that he's thinking of other ways to use it. I told him that one weekend we will have to hit up the art museums in town so he can look at how other artists do sculpture.

All of this is not a surprise from him because his father is quite the artist (although he would not describe himself that way, he's just an old farmer who makes things). His father makes minature models of farm equipment from found objects. I wish I had photos to share because they are just breath taking in their detail. He is working on them at a more rapid pace because his health is failing thanks to a resurgance in his cancer. It is so sad to listen to his family talk about it and what will happen after he goes... Chad has talked about taking his father's pieces and showing them at various farming related events, but he's not sure if there will be a fight over them. This is all another topic, so I won't go into it too much here. Basically, my main point is that even though someone doesn't view themselves as an artist doesn't mean they can't create something that has value to someone else.

I'm going to cut that short before I go on another rant about people who say they can't. Sigh.

No photographs to go with this little post but I am linking up to Think Tank Thursday at Making Rebecca Lynne. My reward for finishing my essay is to practice free motion quilting and link up at Fluffy Sheep Quilting tomorrow. If I get it done, look forward to seeing my attempts!


Toni said...

Good luck with the essay and test! I was always a procrastinator when it came to that kind of stuff, too. Can't wait to see your FMQ. Think I'm going to start doing this, too. Isn't it funny how we reward ourselves with sewing? I always have to tell myself that if I get so many loads of clothes folded and put away or a certain number of rooms cleaned then I can go sew. It's probably the biggest readon things get done around here!

kristastitched said...

My grandfather was the same way, a farmer by trade but always inventing and creating things. He was really into woodworking too. Sorry to hear Chad's grandpa has cancer, that's no fun at all. Best wishes to him and his family. Glad your man is finding his creative side! Thanks for sharing :D

Sana Saroti said...

I thought I invented procrastinating. Just didnt know that this is what is was called for the longest time ;-) I should be sitting here studying for several hours per day. Aint happening :( But I have plan and it includes sewing as a reward too ;-) Good luck for your test!
Just be strong for Chad! I was in that exact position last year.

Janine said...

Good luck with the essay. Sorry to hear about Cad's father's cancer. I'm glad you are surrounded by so much creativity and wish you all well:)

Cindy said...

You need to write the essay as a blog post....then you could visit and share at the same time.

Glad for your creative surprises and sorry for the sucky side of life. Be patient with Chad's family....people always act weird when they hurt.

Rebecca Lynne said...

It is amazing how us creative folks use our creative outlet as a reward when the worst things in life rear their ugly head. And yes, I agree, there are many many many different types of artistic/creative people and if they don't fit into a "genre" of recognized or categorized art then they aren't considered artists. Anyway, you know me, I could go On and On about THAT. Missed you lots, thanks for posting for TTT instead of writing your essay. I always felt that there was no point writing an essay when it wasn't in you to write yet. :) Oh, and I taught writing in law school so I am not just a bum telling you to slack off... Ha!