Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some DSQAL Progress

I (finally) cut my squares for the DSQAL today. If you will recall, I am doing a mini quilt - just 25"x25" - so I only cut six of each. No, my math isn't off, I'm putting one of each color square on the back. To get the finished size I want, I cut each square to 5 1/2". Now these will sit awaiting some attention from my sewing machine. More than likely this weekend.

DS Quilt

And just so this isn't so short, here's some adorable photographs I snapped of my babies today. They love to be in my face, stealing my attention, when I'm outside taking photos. I have a few outtakes of them sticking their noses into the shot. They just have to check my work for me, you know.

Angus on Alert


Side note: I realized today that I will soon have to find another place to take my pictures once winter starts to settle in. You may think this is a tad early, but in my part of the Midwest, snow and dreary skies can come as early as September. Oh, and last until well into June. Why do I live here again?


Sana Saroti said...

Snow from September till June? Are you kidding? Congratulations on cutting the fabric and those cute doggies!

Kelli said...

Looking forward to seeing your DSQAL as it progresses.. the dogs are adorable!

Rebecca Lynne said...


I've been thinking the same thing. It is going to get cold here FAST. Where am I going to take some cute quilt top photos? Ha, look at me assuming I'll have any done!!!