Monday, October 3, 2011

Crafty Bucket List

I've always been the type to love learning new things. For fun, I would read stacks of books on whatever topic interested me and if applicable, I would try out those new things. I mean, you can't really try out WWII and my parents would have said no to any sort of reinactment I would have dreamed up.

Thankfully, my thirst for knowledge has not gone away over the years. I can even blame the internet for making it worse, in some respects, because there are things I would have never been exposed to without it. Japanese style embroidery, I'm looking at you here!

Because of this small problem, I decided I need to write up a sort of crafty bucket list. I'm willing to try anything once, unless it's food because I'm the picky sort, and as long as it's not expensive, I won't kick myself if I don't care for it.

One of these things that were on my mental list was Swedish Weaving. I had thought I would enjoy it because I do like sitting down with a needle and thread, but I wasn't prepared for how much I would love it. I seriously lost time doing it. That's always been a sign that I should keep going with it.

I'm going to be putting this list on my sidebar as a reminder, but want to write it up in a post as well. So here goes, in no particular order...

1. Leather Tooling

This is fast becoming a greater desire. I just haven't bought any of the tools to do it.

2. Hardanger Embroidery

While at Rollag, another kind woman showed me how to do this type of embroidery. Fascinating and hard (for me anyway) to figure out if you don't see it done.

3. Paper Cutting

I'm not sure I have the patience for this, but I definately have the tools already. I think nearly every art class I've taken at school included an exacto knife in the kit.

4. Welding (well, learn to do this again)

An ex-boyfriend long ago showed me how to weld. He did it for his career and thought I should learn. I liked it, but because the only access I had to one was at his work, it wasn't really feasible for me to keep going with it. Besides, not long after we broke up. Just last week, Chad bought a welder. A different type than what I learned on though. I also found out that when I take the sculpture class at school, welding is one of the things learned.

5. Needle Felting

I have wool but not the barbed needle. I was going to take a class on this last winter, but thanks to a bad storm, I wasn't able to make it because there was no way I was driving 100 miles in a blizzard. The class was taught by a woman who raises her own sheep to use for her creations. I'm hoping she offers one again.

6. Brazilian Embroidery

Yep, another embroidery technique. I love the creative stitches featured in this type and also love almost anything to do with Brazil. That country stole my heart when I was there and if given the opportunity, I would go back in a heartbeat.

7. Crewel

More embroidery.

8. Bobbin Lace/Tatting

I saw some women doing this at my local library one day and couldn't help but watch. Just fascinating, yet tedious looking. I still want to give it a go.

9. Blackwork/Redwork/Goldwork

Even more embroidery types.

10. Fabric Dyeing

While I do love fabrics already available, I want to explore ways to create my own. This is one technique I don't have experience with.

11. Learn How to Use a Serger

I don't know why but I am a little intimidated by sergers. I do want to buy one and learn to use it someday soon.

12. Bronze Casting

Another thing I will get to learn in sculpture. And something that I doubt I would be able to try on my own.

13. Wood Carving

I've played around a bit with this, but nothing serious.

14. Learn How to Use a Long Arm Quilting Machine

Not sure if I just go to a LQS and sign up for a class or what, but I do want to give this a go. I can't afford to just buy one afterall. ;)

15. Loom Weaving

I've looked into looms and can't afford anything fancy right now. I just haven't built a simple one of my own or looked at cheaper looms. This is not high on priority right now.

16. Spinning

I remember giving this a go once when I was a child. In the future, I would like to own sheep and spin my own yarns. First, Chad and I have to sell our house and buy up land. I told him if he gets a small herd of cattle, then I get sheep.

I'm thinking this list is far from complete. This is just stuff that I haven't tried before (with the exception of welding). I could go on and on about specific projects that involve sewing, yarn crafts or embroidery I have tried.

What's on your crafty bucket list? Anything you wouldn't want to try?

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Pam said...

WOW!!! That is some Bucket List. It's always great to have things you can't do, but want to learn. My 'To Do' list just keeps getting longer and longer. At the moment, I'm sticking to different types of sewing. A long time ago, I did some leather tooling and made key rings and belts.